First and foremost, Happy New Year to each and every one of you! I hope you had a good year behind and ready to start fresh on this year 2014. I hope you enjoy your New Year celebration and have or had a wonderful day. This day is special to me too because it's the first time I've ever posted a newspost, ever! So without further ado, here I am presenting you with the information on what's happening in relation to our dearly beloved admin team.

As of today, along with my position of the Head of Factions, I will assume the role of Head of Admins following Collins resignation as the Head of Staff last October. Of course I'll be getting plenty of help from my fellow Lead Admins who are also a mentor to me (hint: Collins and DamianC) who was so darn good at this role. So, from this point onward, any inquiries in regards to administrative issue can and should be forwarded directly to me. I will try to be on my best to assist you.

At the end of 2013, we've lost a good chunk of our admin team bringing our number down to the bare minimum. Nevertheless, don't worry, most of our staff since has been on their best to patch the holes in times of the busiest revision months ever that I truly hope all of you enjoy. That being said, those who are dedicated, you are noticed and rewarded. So! Let's congratulate to the following staff member for their advancement in the server!

New & Returning Admins:
Chete - damaz - drayzyo - Jakey - KEG - Lonex - Mmartin - tw1ster
[Birdman! -Elora - Sara.]

Level 1 → Level 2
Jay-Jay - Jennifer - kavinsky - Marshall. - Vercetti

Level 3 → In-Game Lead Admins
Or-L - Fontaine - gus

And that's not everything. Our Head of Testers, Aero also prepared his news message as you can see on the following:

It's been a hectic couple of months as always during the winter months on LS-RP. We reached 525 players on the server, truly shows that LS-RP is going to continue to grow more and more as time goes on. And with that we're going to have to make our staff team larger. The past month or so our staff team has been working on a lot of drastic changes to prepare us for the future to come, making things go a lot more smoothly and to make sure that this team is at it's best. The last month we have lost more than half our staff team, which was a huge hit towards us. But we have not worked better together in a long time, which was one of our goals.

With all of that being said this is going to be one of our largest tester batches we've ever done. I have received over 200+ tester applications - which is probably one of the biggest amounts that has ever been sent. We're letting in 36 people into the tester team. If you look at the list below you'll probably say, "Hey..wait there's only 30 people on that list!" and you're right. The last 6 slots are going to be done differently. We decided to hold the last 6 slots and have people come to me on IRC to explain why they truly deserved to be one of those people in the slots. So if you think you have what it takes and want to be apart of the tester team, drop me (Aero) a query on IRC.

Jakeâ„¢ - Sozza- Lantto - Loyd - Immortal - icrispy - Apollo - alldaylong. - Samoel - Charlie - Martin_Busato - Marky - LuigiX3 - Ryder - Joey_Castillo - Ko$tia - Sumo - Deceive - Bradley - iWasted - Realistic. - Ste - Zakaryan - Cocaine' - Otter. - Dzeous - Vince - Conspiracy - Sprinter - Synx - Mancini - Garrity - Aces| - Meeg
-ZiiP - Bladeraven - Trumavarium
[Marcus - Ozaki - krille120]

Congratulations everyone, a forum PM will be sent to you guys with more information of what to do next. If you did not receive tester this time around, do not give up. We're always looking for more people every couple of months so eventually you will have your chance to became a tester one day. (— Aero)

So there we have it people! I hope you continue to have a lovely stay on LS:RP. Once again, Happy New Year, and wish you a wonderful year ahead!