EVENT: Have Your Say on Emergency Response
Written by Allegra Nixon


Following the recent poll on emergency response times, Deputy Mayor Allegra Nixon has organised an open forum event to take place on Thursday at 9:30pm, where citizens will be able to personally meet with and discuss the issue with high command of the three public services. The discussion will be held at the eastern wing of City Hall (see bottom of press release for map details) and will be hosted and chaired by Ms Nixon herself.

She comments: "The poll shown us that the citizens find emergency response times to be something of issue. While it's true that some public services appear to have very fast response times, there were concerns raised over the response times of the Fire Department. I'm hoping that this discussion with the public will allow them to better understand the current state of the LSFD, and what it's doing to improve response times. The PD and SD will also be there as I'm sure citizens will want to ask them questions on this topic too."

Citizens who attend will be allowed to ask questions to either a specific leader or to all three. Ms Nixon will invite people to raise their hands, pick someone and then allow them to ask one question. Please be aware that any question not related to emergency response times will not be permitted, though there will likely be more events like these in the future on other topics.

Once again, the event takes place at the eastern wing of City Hall at 9:30pm. All citizens are invited to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!

GPS Directions:

Please do not enter the main northern entrance of City Hall, as this is not where the event is being held. Remember to park appropriately.