Well I thought I'd inform you of the few updates coming to the server in the next few days. If you've been keeping up with the bug tracker- here; you'd notice that the testers and I have cleared out quite a few pages of bugs.

The notorious weapon ammo loss bug from 0.2 is still present but it is slowly but steadily getting better. At this point it's quite near gone, but for a safety pre-caution remember to check your ammo in /stats before logging off. If abnormal just scroll to it and pause, shoot once if you have to in order to restore it back to normal in stats.

I'd like to thank everyone who reported a bug in our bug tracker, and I'd like to assure you with the fact they are being worked on in a priority wise manner. To help out with development a few 3rd party scripters were brought in to contribute what they can to the LS:RP base.

Along with scripters a few mappers were brought in as well to add on to our Los Santos environment. Specifically our lead mapper Pete who's created quite the eye candy in interiors thus far. If you haven't had the chance to see some of his work here's just a glance at some of it..
Ex. 1 - Ex. 2 - Ex. 3
...and much much more now and to come!

One thing you'll notice in the update is that /houseupgrade was brought back on to the server. Along with /houseupgade there are new and easier ways to manage your house and items inside of your house. The robbery system will not be in this update but it is next on the list. Just use this time to get your stuff situated for your house while you wait.

You'll also notice a lot of the bugs have been addressed in this updated as I've stated earlier. There's still quite a few to look into but for now I'd consider LS:RP in a stable playable position.

In the spirit of Halloween I've gotten the mappers to create a nice little carnival for Los Santos- which will be further examined/discussed by Ernie of SAN ICly.

Happy Halloween and congratulations on 320+ players ingame! Maybe one day we'll reach 400 :).