Boy it's most definitely going to be hard to top the anniversary post from last year, but we're all still here and through and through the server continues to grow and widen and that is all that matters. LS-RP turns 7 today, and if it were an American it would be starting 2nd Grade right now and have a teacher named Ms. Rhodes. Seven long years that many people would of never believed if you told them back then.

I say this all the time whenever I do these things but I've been here for a very long time, maybe too long in certain aspects. New faces, new factions, different standards, but yet it still has that LS-RP charm every single year. Through all the headaches, the good times, the sad times, the downtimes(oh god) and the every other feeling time we always somehow find a way to get through and keep going.

Which is why I want to dedicate this post to the little guys out there. The ones who don't think too much of themselves, they're just a regular player here enjoying themselves. The ones leading factions with so many eyes looking you up and down and almost demanding you accept their criticisms and opinions. The staff members thinking of those quirky new ideas, something the server hasn't really seen or done before and or just something you think we should try.

The ones out there with an opinion, their own opinion, because they really do believe LS-RP can do better because it's shown that it possibly can. The ones with ambition to be the next ; the ones with any type of goals. The committed, the dedicated, thoughtful, the care-free(non-rulebreaking) players out there! Thank you. Because without people like you there would be no server today.

If there were no people like you there would be nothing at the link l s - r p . com. Absolutely nothing. People like you keeps the wheels on this server rolling because you are another hand in the wheel pushing it. Which is why I make sure in EVERY aspect of LS-RP that whenever you deserve anything on this server and worked towards it- it's yours. Whether I like you or not, whether that one group likes you or not, whether what you're doing is "cool" or not. None of that matters, only what you plan to do with it and I'll gladly hop out your way.

I want you all to adopt that philosophy. Meet somebody you don't know- IC and OOC. When I was new here I got robbed, knocked out, mrob'd for more money, driven to a bridge and thrown off to my death. All by the same people in under 3 minutes. I was 5k in debt with hope depleting. Some random guy, Ray Damon(?), met me. He wasn't going to be welfare for me but he gave me a ride to a place I could rent(his house, ol sneaky sonofa..). Told me what jobs I could do to make some money, and gave me some rent money. To top it off it was all IC.

He looked pass my level, who I was OOC, all of it. Start looking at each other like that. Lord knows I'm not perfect too and trust me I see myself before anyone else sees me and I am quick to get myself together when I am truly out of line. And if I don't handle myself feel free to PM me and get me together.

Because in the longrun we're ALL here to have fun. To explore and delve into all these wild ideas and events in our heads. To interact with others. Just to do everything we're meant here to do. And as I always say tomorrow is never promised for anyone or anything so why waste today? This server is too beautiful and rich in individuality and creativity, don't attempt to shield it or yourself away from it. Don't hate congratulate. Show us, don't tell us. Embrace, don't disgrace.

But today is a day of celebration! So thankyou LS-RP! Thanks to the community, to everyone! Happy 7th anniversary and hopefully many more to come!

Yeees we are having another Weekend long event! Not gonna spill the tea on what it is fully but just know the city is being hit again, this time alittle bit more different. Since the reactions from last event were so joyful we're deciding to destroy Los Santos again!

This destruction will be a little more tasteful while at the same time be pretty freakin devastating. The destruction will actually happen throughout the day- alittle more interactive than last time. What you see at the mall one second can easily change right infront of your very eyes.

So word of advice, when you hear a siren in an area, run- from it or to it your decision. And careful driving! ;)

The Mappers( Reese, Sloth, Eren, Lonex ) - Excellent work! As stated last time, the city looks absolutely horrible! Great job guys.
Content(Bradley & Shammy) - As always thanks! And welcoming a new voice this year for the event!

The event will start momentarily today as we handle the current issues on the server first causing some database lag and texture issues for furniture. Will not take long, we apologize. Only gives us more time to finesse the event!
Recording and screenshots would be greatly appreciated! Especially if you're able to catch some destruction on film.