Location: Hashbury, San Fierro

Date & Time: May 26th, 2014 — 21:00 (( server time ))


The Deputy Governor of San Andreas will be cutting the ribbon at the ceremony, the leaders from San Andreas Sheriff's Department, Los Santos Police Department, Los Santos Fire Department, and the San Andreas Department of Corrections will be attending and making speeches at the event. The memorial wall will feature names of those fallen in the line of duty in the departments, a part of the memorial dedicated to each department.

The State of San Andreas invites all civilians to attend this occasion of gratitude and memory.

The schedule is as follows, starting at 21:00:

- Motorcade leaves from Temple Graveyard, destination in San Fierro.
- Short speech by the High Command from each department.
- Speech and Ribbon cutting by the Deputy Governor of San Andreas.
- 21-gun salute
- Revealing of the memorial.

(( Credits to Mondim for the graphics and Sarcasmohjoy for writing the article. ))