Press Release #207

May 25th, 2014: The Red line Racing Crew were first noticed for their increasing activities and reputation statewide on 29/DEC/2012.

States Crimes from SASD's Investigations Unit eventually noticed their increasing activity, and the detectives had begun working on the crew, finding out their activities and attain as much information as possible about their organization. With their increasing reputation, also increased their activities and hence tracking their participation with illegal street races, heavy weaponary, as well as access to several classes of vehicle eventually were obtained.

The Robbery Homicide Division from LSPD's Office of Criminal Intelligence also had been working as well as spending resources on tracking and obtaining information on the RRC. A Joint Task Force between the Robbery-Homicide Division and States Crimes had been formed on 06/APR/2014. On 24/MAY/2014, the Taskforce was executed once the heads from each of the Departments had confirmed to move in on a takedown of RRC.

We would like to the thank the LSPD SWAT team, as well as the following detectives for their successful participation and involvement in the Joint Task Force, which lead to the takedown of RRC;

SASD Lieutenant-Director Cordell Firewalker, SASD Captain-Inspector Elora Garner, SASD Corporal-Inspector Julian Goode, SASD DSII-Lead Detective Nikita Simeone, SASD Corporal-Detective II Elias Saldivar, SASD DSII-Detective II Ralph Hamilton

LSPD Commander Samuel Underwood, LSPD Lieutenant Bryn Edwards, LSPD Lieutenant Jordan Doakes, LSPD Detective III Edward Grant, LSPD Detective III Jonathan Harrison, LSPD Detective III Kyle Fortberth, LSPD Detective III Matthew Lowell, LSPD Detective III Thomas Szydlowski, LSPD Detective II Dominic McClane, LSPD Detective II Fairuz Sayegh, LSPD Detective II Reginald Fisher, LSPD Detective I Daniel Saunders & LSPD Detective I Kevin Seung

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