Easten European Criminal Group dismantled by Los Santos Police Department

    MONDAY, 28th JULY, 2014 ― This weekend the Los Santos Police Department has made another strike against organised crime in Los Santos. At the end of an extensive investigation into one of many organised crime groups based in the central Los Santos area which was responsible for a variety of criminal activities, from the dealing of narcotics and firearms trafficking to extortion and protection rackets at a number of Los Santos businesses, the Organised Crime and Vice Division has, in conjunction with LSPD SWAT, effectively dismantled the Balkan Crime Syndicate.

    The organisation, which was responsible for a number of violent incidents throughout the city has today been defeated by the Law Enforcement personnel of this department in a massive joint operation undertaken by Detective Bureau Detectives and members of the departments Metropolitan Division. While the operation continues to crack down and execute a number of arrest warrants on outstanding members the organisation itself has fallen into disarray, resulting in the cessation of criminal activities. The end of the operation also saw the seizure of thirty three handguns, twenty AK-47's, 9 M4 Assault rifles, 3 sniper rifles, 7 illegally obtained kevlar vests, 8 illegally procured combat knives and an IED.

    This operation and the investigation preceding it should serve as a reminder to organised crime elements within Los Santos that the atmosphere of crime, fear and corruption that such an organisation creates will not be tolerated and will be removed with the utmost conviction.


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