The Los Santos Fire Department is full of modern day heroes. It first came around in 1871, and is still going strong to this day. At first glance, the LSFD seemd to be composed of just medics, firefighters, and doctors. However, it gets much more involved when you get into the depths of what the fire department does. The team has a variety of sub-divisions, such as: Fire Marshals, Coroners, and Child Protective Services. This, on top of all the medical emergencies, automobile accidents, fires, and surgeries, is what the members are presented with each day. While it offers many divisions and opportunities, the Fire Department's mission stays the same "To Serve with Courage, Integrity, and Pride" while aiding the citizens. At the center of all this effort is the medical units. These essential units are the first responders to 9-1-1 calls. The medics are often charged with being the buffer in-between the time that the incident occurs, and the time that the patient can be taken through the doors at the nearest Hospital.

The Los Santos Fire Department is a rewarding career choice, and gives all who apply an opportunity to be a part of a growing family. Firefighters and Physicians enjoy a range of benefits including: financial stability, free home cooked food at the Firehouse on and off shift, and skill training that will carry on through a lifetime. Furthermore, being in the Los Santos Fire Department, and helping out patients of all ages, can be a rewarding experience that gives our employees a great sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.

Think you have what it takes? The requirements to join are as follows: be of age 18 years of age or older, possess a valid driver’s license, be fluent in written and spoken Ed pnglish, being mentally anhysically fit, having either a high school diploma or GED, being citizen of the United States, and having no criminal convictions. If you do not meet these requirements, you may attempt to gain an exception via email before submitting an application. Once accepted, the applicants will officially choose their sides and take examinations.

For those taking the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) path, three chances for multiple person academies will be presented. At these academies, applicants will learn about Basic Life Saving procedures through the training and demonstration by the trainers. Applicants will then demonstrate their learning in a hands-on scenario. If passed, the recruit would be hired, and given the rank of Probationary Firefighter.

Intern Physicians, shortened to interns, have a one-on-one training. The applicant will meet with a qualified member of the training team and be shown a surgery demonstration. The applicant will then work with their own team of surgeons in their own mock surgery, demonstrating their skills. If passed, they’ll receive the rank of Intern.

Once employed with the LSFD, there are many opportunities for growth and learning. Members can be trained to handle vehicle accidents and fires, as well as join divisions to help aid the department. Such divisions include Rapid Intervention, which focuses on getting treatment quickly to scenes. There is also Air Operations Division, which takes helicopters to far distances. Other opportunities include administrative work, such as, Recruitment or Medical Licensing. Whichever the path the applicant may choose, the LSFD prides itself on working as a family to help the community.

((The LSFD does require quality roleplay. You must be able to follow all server rules, including not having keybinds/autohotkey that replaces roleplay. You must also: Not apply for more than one faction at the same time, be able to write in English fluently, know how to provide detailed role-play, have no admin jails in the last month, have no bans within the last three months, and have been on LS-RP for at least one month. Again, like the IC requirements, you are permitted to ask for an exception before applying.))

Written by Sarcasmohjoy and Sleepwalker