First and foremost, Happy New Year to everyone on LS:RP! Y'all are probably still partying the night away, so I hope you had an awesome and safe night. LS:RP has had a pretty crazy 2014 a lot of ups and a lot of downs, but we're still here and growing more and more every single day, and LS:RP's staff has to grow and have new fresh faces with it. I am really looking forward to a new year for LS:RP, seeing a lot of great changes coming in the near future. It is nothing but good things from this point on! So anyways, I'll get straight to the point and post the names that we, the staff team chose to help better the community! So congratulations to:

Tomsc - TheGoldenDuke - Daneo - Edoxxx - Lemon. - .TrusT - Kota - Price. - DRUNKY - Father - Brant
[Alligator - Liams - Glen_Wright - AceS|]

Congratulations everyone, a forum PM will be sent to you guys with more information of what to do next. On another note I will also be opening tester applications this month, so get your applications ready to send to me!

- Aero, Head of Testers.