2008 was the magical year that the San Andreas Sheriff's Department became a faction. According to the faction thread, it was created as a "more simple alternative to the Los Santos Police Department." And until recruitment process started towards the end of that same year, there were only around 20 members in the faction. Now six and a half years later, it has grown to ten times that amount, with over 200 members. Recruitment drives average 75 applications per drive, with the applications staying open for a mere three days.

The faction itself offers many unique roleplay opportunities. There are 11 units that members can apply for within the department, with everything ranging from patrol units such as Air Support, to Tactical Response Unit (SD's SWAT equivalent), to paperwork-based units such as Public Affairs, to being a detective. Each of these units open and close recruitment from time to time and are each run by different deputies within the department.

The Faction is broken down into four "shifts" which each deputy chooses, based on playing servertime. Shift 1 is 1200-1800; Shift 2 is 1800--0000; Shift 3 is 0000--0600 and Shift 4 is 0600--1200. Each Shift gets their own forum, which features a roster on the first page as well as contact information on most shifts. Those contact rosters become IC ways of paging/contacting someone who may not be on duty when their services are needed. The forum section in Shift 3 also provides a way for members to request performance updates. The forum for Shift 4 has a few different topics, such as videos made by members and how to request internal training.

There are also three further sub-forums in each shift. Arrest Logs, Evidence Locker and Patrol Notes. Each section serves a purpose and each section is completely optional. Arrest Logs and Patrol Notes allow each individual member to create a thread of their own that they are responsible for updating. The logs and notes can serve as an aid for the member to further their roleplay or just to reference back to. Evidence logs are used at the monthly bulletin.

The executive staff itself is made up of a unique group of members. Out of the 7 members, 3 are currently admins. 3 more are former ls-rp staff. They each have their own quirks. Their own unique personalities. The Undersheriffs were asked their favorite part of being Executive Staff.

Lenny, who at one point was the Sheriff, said: "I like being able to help people. I was just voted one of the two most helpful in the faction for 2014, which makes me really happy. People come to me and ask for help with things and it's just natural for me to say "yeah" and help them. I have the power to make a difference for these people."

Brady, "newer" to the Executive Staff had a bit of a different spin. He said: "I think the favourite part of being in the Executive Staff team is the ability to see the transformation of the faction from my time as a DSG to what it is now from a front row seat. It's of great pleasure to see what the faction has become since back then, and I am proud to have been a part of the journey. I often reflect back to my feelings as a DSG and try to implement improvements that I quite liked to see back then, because there are DSG's that probably feel the same way as I did, and now I have a bigger say in things I can help to implement those things that people enjoy. I can put myself in the shoes of each person in every single rank due to how I've travelled through the department, so I can say what people like to see and what people don't like and help to change those things for the better."

Brady also live-streams whilst on duty, a process of sharing your screen to a live audience. He started streaming because "I think what made me want to stream, is that some people on the server see LEO's in a bad image, when that isn't the case at all, we're all the same in this community. I wanted to show people from a serious, high ranking perspective what LEO roleplay is about, and I have received so much great feedback from people! In some cases, I've even had new recruits join the faction and tell me that it's my stream that made them want to join, which is just great."

Of course, an article about the SASD would not be complete without a question and answer from the faction leader himself, Collins.

Q: What do you believe is something the SASD offers that is unique?
Collins: SASD offers everyone a chance to be something. We obviously have rules and we obviously have standards but we allow people to be free to be who they actually are and portray it exactly how they would want to!

Q: What's your favorite part about being Sheriff, on an OOC level?
Collins: The entire faction is my favorite part. The faction will continue to ever change and from taking over a year ago to where it is now it's amazing to see some of the differences and how it has continued to improve all the time. It's a fantastic faction to lead and to help lead.

Q: What do you think the greatest change of 2014 was for the SD?
Collins: The entire restructure within the Executive Staff team. Mainly because it allows the faction to have someone for everything, whilst in the past the old structure worked for less people when you continually add more people you need someone to be able to help them with every issue. The actual ES structure now allows that, someone for all administration issues, someone for staff/member issues, someone for unit issues etc. My role now is honestly reviewing the finalized changes and being someone to go to if the person assigned to that role of helping you doesn't help.

Q: What are your major plans for the SASD in 2015?
Collins: That's a secret! A person never tells a secret! Although I can assure you anything extremely major will go through the faction for opinions, some things obviously we won't be able to do for this but the majority of changes it's always nice to have others opinions! Although remember we have over 200 people, not everyone will like something so don't be disheartened if you do say no and a majority say yes for example!

The SASD has OOC requirements which you will have to consider before applying;
    • Must be able to speak and write English.
    • Have at least one level 3 character or above (does not have to be the character you're applying on).
    • Must know how to provide detailed roleplay.
    • Must be willing to use a microphone (although not required).
    • Have no administrative actions (ajails/bans) within 2 months on any account.
    • Be able to use Teamspeak 3 (TS3).

More information and IC requirements can be found here. Recruitment opened January 14th at 6pm servertime and closes January 17th at 7pm servertime. Applicants will, upon being accepted, be expected to adhere to a Teamspeak check as well as an in character interview and fitness check, which will heavily test roleplay.

If you wish to view videos about SASD, visit the 'Screenshots & Video's' section on the LS:RP forums here, or gain information from the faction thread here.