They were the green nametags at Halloween hiding in the shadows wielding chainsaws, the masterminds behind the Carnival extravaganza, part of the road construction crews after the Earthquake and Elton John at the Gay Pride parade. Who are they? The events team. Currently made up of 32 members whose roleplay experience ranges from LEO's to bikers. There are currently at least ten events being discussed among the members to bring a variety of entertainment to the server. The team is led by Bradley and his assistants are Birdman, Hermy and Adorn who are also all staff members. The team works closely with the Head of Mapping Eren, to work out what can and cannot be done for the team. They also work with the legal and illegal factions closely to get and give help as needed.

The team requires you to;

    • Have the ability to work in a team.
    • Use IRC for communication.
    • Be active on the LS:RP forum to take part in discussions.
    • Have the ability to roleplay a part as needed for IG Events.

Why join? The events team provides a wonderful opportunity to bring more to the server. To bring ideas, creativity, excitement and wonder. This as a whole is a great reason to join. Events team members get a front seat view to exciting things the server can experience.

The event process:

    • Event is posted. Either from a team member or one taken from the community areas.
    • Event is discussed among the team. This brings forward various ideas where parts are changed and modified.
    • Mapping is requested if needed, during the discussion phase.
    • Event is finalized and scheduled. Advertising is done.
    • Team members get assigned roles to roleplay during the event.
    • The event is held!

I have an idea, but not sure if I have time for the team. You can still help out! The events team is always looking for event ideas. There's a section for community contributions. Who knows, the idea that you have could be the next big event on LS-RP.

How do I become one of those famous DJs at events? These are actually roleplay positions assigned at each event. The person playing the part of the DJ may or may not be the person playing the music through LSFM.

Is it only admins? Nope! Out of the 32 people listed on our roster, 12 are admins. 7 are testers. That leaves 13 "regular players" and still room for more!

We sat down on IRC to interview Bradley, the current Head of Events Team.

Q: When did you join the Events team?
Bradley: Around May 2013.

Q: Why did you join the team?
Bradley: I had joined the Event Team like most of the Event Team members had, which would be to help out with the Event Team, creating events, expanding events, participating in discussions, assisting in the events that are upcoming for the server, and contributing towards the server.

Q: Who brought you to the team?
Bradley: Birdman.

Q: What was the first Event you remember?
Bradley: The first event I participated was in the Wonderland Electronic Festival which happened in June 22nd, 2013. I helped out with the event by being the person who broadcasted the mixtapes on Los Santos FM and roleplaying with artists.

Q: Which Event, throughout the years, has been your favorite?
Bradley: I can't say which have been my most favorite event throughout the years, all the events have been a great experience, and a lot of work to do. This goes from the monthly events, mini events, construction events, anniversary events, and much more. All of the events have been my favorite!

Q: What's your favorite part about running the team?
Bradley: Every aspect of running the Events Team is my favorite, that means reading applications to join, discussing events, planning events, and getting down to the final product. It's nice to see the outcome of each event we have done, as well working alongside each member of the Events Team, they help out with these events with expanding them or adding more creativity, and assisting in the events.

Q: Are there any upcoming plans for a large event? Like the Hurricane and Earthquake the last two years?
Bradley: There could be, you don't know. It's always a surprise what comes to you, however there are some planned events that are pretty large scaled through this year. You'll just have to wait and see!

Q: Anything else you want people to know about the team?
Bradley: The team we have now is a great group of people to work with and I look forward to more great people joining. If you have any questions about the team, any of them, or myself, will happily answer them! As well, if you got any suggestions for any events you'd like to see you can always suggest them! In addition if you like getting yourself involved with events, and wish to be a member feel free to apply!

So are you still interested? To join you can visit this section. The Events Team is always looking for feedback, so if you have any questions/queries or concerns it can go directly to Bradley!

Feedback given after:

-Written by Sarcasmohjoy. Edited by Sparx and Bradley