It's that magical time again ladies and gentlemen- if you ignore the fact LS-RP is a couple of weeks late! Yes the magical moment where we participate in the ever-exciting SA-MP updates. It is that time of year again where we see the multiplayer somehow continue to progress and exceed expectations and the many many demands and requests we see throughout the years.

In order for these update projects to be a complete success we all have to do our part. Meaning all we simply have to do! Play and report back your feedback on what you think, what you notice, any type of content to go with your statements, etc you get the idea. Overall you just being you will be grand enough.

As per usual a section will be set up on the forums and from there you can acquire the latest client version and information about it. This for now is simply just a heads up, so that you can be on your toes for when it happens. PS: Later on today!

I'm sure you all also saw the recent updates about the buildings and the windowed interiors and I promise you LS-RP will be apart of that fun as well in time. One of the revisions being worked on still is the Establishment system. Mostly a set of re-writes to be more fluid and dynamic for what-ever idea will be thrown at it.

You've all been waiting well over a year for it and with the hard work of the SA-MP developments you all should at least be clued in more on it all. Just know it's currently being worked on and a feature documentation of work so far and what to expect will be written up as well so that you all can be in the know.