The top eateries in East Los Santos, Meatheads Deli and Brickhouse, have more in common than some loyal patrons. They are a prominent way for The Bellomo Crime Network to interact with the Community. The faction is based on a criminal network, which offers the ability to role play different types of organized crime (extortion, robbery, bootlegging, hits, arms trafficking, so and fourth) while not limiting you to just that type. Bellomo offers a way for both illegal and legal roleplay members to have a place among them.

Bellomo was created by Curly in the Spring of 2014. The faction thread was officially created April 2014, although the roleplay started February of 2014. It started out with only four members, and as Curly put it "Four turned into six, six turned into nine, nine turned into fifteen, fifteen turned into twenty-five, so on and so forth until now. We have 37." Curly had never been in an official faction before, but has roleplayed Mafia and Biker.

Curly came up with the idea for Bellomo by simply trying to do something that people told him that he couldn't do. Bellomo offers both legal and illegal roleplay to "broaden the line between who's a gangster and who's a civilian." People start off as outsiders/"wannabes" before they can work their way in. Sometimes, ICly, they may not even know they're around criminals. There's opportunity to join in the "dark" side or still be around, but legal matters such as bartender, waiter, doorman, etc. The possibilities are large and endless. To get involved, Curly says "Normally, I tell people to develop their character first. Go get a legal job at Meatheads or Spankie's or the Brickhouse. Show your face, play your character and actually develop him into what type of person he is."

Q: What kind of OOC rules/guidelines do you have?

Curly: "Our OOC standards are pretty easygoing. Obviously there are some things that will get someone CK'd for sure like turning statements on the family, going to war with other members of the family, or even just being generally braindead and unwilling to progress. We stand for progressive roleplay, not destructive roleplay. I mean, anything can happen but that doesn't mean we condone whacking someone out for making your drink wrong. Get creative. Throw someone off of a small roof. Push someone in front of an oncoming car with a /me. The only "rules" I require my faction members to know are the rules made by LSRP. Everything else is solely in character."

Q: When did Bellomo receive official status?

Curly: "November 22, 2014"

Q: How did you feel when you were notified?

Curly: "I remember that I was in disbelief. I wouldn't say I was excited as much as I was re-inspired. I never thought I'd actually get official no matter how many times I put in the updates. I felt very accomplished. Most of all I felt thankful. I was very thankful for the people I've had and met in my experiences between April and now. I was thankful for the administrators I've encountered on my way here for seeing a bigger and better person in me than the typical "Ignorant Elitist LCN guy" which most of us LCN guys have been catching a bad rap for at the end of the day. "

Q: You earned official semi-recently. There is a lot of hard work that goes with that, but for many factions that is the primary goal. Do you have more goals?

Curly: "We're not here for the guns or the drugs or the spraycans. Not the chopshops, the /f chat or the /invite ability. Because from day 1, since this faction started in April, we simply had "the will to be." Sometimes, just playing your role takes you out of what you strive for. You get to actually enjoy your ride up the ranks. Our goal is to make our mark as the first faction to make friends with LSPD and Government figures. My goal is to be the one family that actually got in good cahoots with the LEO factions so we can eliminate the typical play to win behavior between criminal factions and LEO's we've seen in 2014. Our primary goal is to provide roleplay for members OF the faction and members of OTHER factions who associate with us business wise. Our primary goal is to PROVIDE you with that choice."

Q: Do you have any advice for faction leaders aspiring to be official?

Curly: "The key is this, OOC drama or hatred is the first thing that'll distract you from being great. OOC mixing will be the death of any great or even terrible roleplayer. OOC mixing defeats the true roleplay of giving yourself the room to play a properly improvised role. When you're focused on making a faction, focus on that. YOU WILL have haters, you will have bumps in the road and you will have times where you want to just lock it and let it get archived. If you are truly dedicated to your cause and you are better than what you make yourself out to be at times, you will succeed and not only will you succeed but you will thrive and gain the ability to set the bar. If I could inspire all you aspiring faction leaders, my advice to you would be don't give up. Don't let nobody but you dictate where your faction goes if you want to make something, do it and do it well. Don't give into the petty things like arguing with someone who wouldn't even give you the time of day to experience what you're capable of as a leader."

Written by: Sed and Sarcasmohjoy.