The individuals that create the foundations of the community, and utilize the grounds of the server in order to create unique maps are seeking for new members to join their team. By working with others, the team is able to create a playground for various roleplayers, as well as contribute to a growing community. This team works with the Events Team, providing the community with unique displays. The Halloween Carnival, Earthquake disaster, and the custom mapping of Los Santos Roleplay are examples of what they do.

This team is currently managed by Eren, who provides guidance, as well as approves and manages all in going and outgoing suggestions, plus products of the team. The work presented to the team can be challenging; a vast majority of members have creative backgrounds, and are willing to express it here within the community and share it with others.

Being a mapper here requires the following:
    - Being a teamplayer, and leader.
    - Previous mapping experience, and a portfolio to prove you have said experience.


The typical process for maps to be implemented is through a series of steps, ranging from having a player's suggestion be forward. or a faction leader requesting a new map to be added:
    1. An individual suggests for a map on the forums.
    2. The suggestion is forwarded to the mapping forums.
    3. If accepted, the team begins to work on pieces of the map, and is added by a developer at a reasonable revision date.


Even if someone does not meet these requirements, there is always time to start. Simply download the Map Construction program, or Multi Theft Auto's mapping tool. The process is practice, and patience is a virtue when mapping - trying it is totally worth it! These two tools are best fit for anyone starting off in their mapping career.

If you are interested in forwarding an application, please look over this post located here and send it to Eren on the LS-RP forums. We are also always looking for feedback when it comes to any additions we've made towards the server, and new members!

Thank you!