Well December is here, and the holidays are starting and or on their way. In spirit of the holidays the LS:RP team has been hard at work making sure we ended this year with a bang. Sure we may be off by a few weeks but we're still kind of on target for a holiday update.

Mow recently upgraded the server, the 3rd party developers have been hard at work on their projects, G-sTyLeZzZ and the other web scripters are doing one heck of a job on the new control panel, and so much more. December of 09 will literally be known as quite a chaotic month for LS:RP.

Along with all the hard earned efforts of the LS:RP team I'd like to also send a special thanks to the community. If you've been keeping up with the bug tracker activity you would see that the bug tracker has been chopped down by eight(8) whole pages over these past few weeks. Something I'm quite excited about myself personally, as it does my heart good to know the server is becoming quite flawless as the weeks progress.

None of that couldn't of been done any quicker though without the support of the community sending bugs to the bug tracker, so remember to report all bugs rather than complaining about them!

Along with a massive amount of bug fixes this new holiday revision, the whole gun dealer issue has finally been addressed fully. A new command will be given to gangs and mafias- /givejob; the higher ups of the faction will be able to give their friends the job so that they can sell guns as well. This way the official gangs and mafias will keep their well deserved hierarchy on the server.

Also being addressed is the whole box in cars issues and guns not saving. Three new commands have been made for you to place and check your weapons in houses or cars- /place, /takegun, check. The commands are self explanatory, you'll get the hang of em quite quickly as soon as you try them out.

Last but not least the weapons saving in general. Many extra pre-cautions have been put in place for your guns to save properly now rather then constantly scrolling to it and shooting once. Not sure how effective it is at the moment, it's still a work in process but compared to how they used to be this is far more efficient.

Any further concerns or ideas toward these matters or anything in general can be done in the Suggestion Forum- which will be opening back in the coming days. Lenny, recently has resumed a lot of responsibility over the section and since he has a lot of scripting knowledge himself he can provide helpful insight and critiques towards the ideas suggested.

Concerning the features there aren't really that many noticeable ones in this revision for everyone, I'll have a nice new set of features prepared around Christmas to make up for it though, consider em presents from me. But on the subject towards features most of the thanks go to my 3rd party devs for their projects.

Fred -
Although he has joined the army and doesn't get a chance to come around that much anymore, has a precinct system ready for the police department in this revision. Although Fred is not around to explain it, it is also a very self explanatory system.

Lenny -
Lenny decided to take on two projects for this revision. One is not only a adjustment / fix for the current roadblock system but he has also chosen to immensely update the current MDC system. His explanation of it can be found on the police department forum.

Pete -
My head mapper and best buddy has been working on quite a few interiors for the server, and have adjusted / fix that have been put in already. Although he is going to be quite busy these days he is still quite dedicated to decorating our nice server.

Marcel -
Marcel is a scripter in training but has already achieved to make a nice little system for LS:RP. It is going to be the new tester system, aimed at helping people with the many questions they have rather than making a /report|/re(Which is bad!). It is also a work in progress so keep that in mind. The new command can be found under /support.

Christmas Tree submissions:
Grandma - Pershing Square.
TheDevil'n'TheAngel - By the hospital!
Jeffrey Sinclair - Although he is not around anymore his tree from last year is back, by the Victim exterior.
(Remember you can still send in Christmas Trees to me on the forum)

Thanks guys for making this holiday update possible and exciting! The revision will be put on the server in the upcoming hours.

We've recently got a bunch of new web moderators to start helping out on the news here on www.ls-rp.com. So expect to see far more news updates IC and OOC. So remember, keep your eyes on this page!