Hello members of the LS:RP community,

This year is almost coming to an end and it has been a good year. We've seen a lot of testers coming and going. It's sad to see many go- whether it be leaving, kicked, or promoted to admin; but it's always nice to see new blood in the team. As a good notion of entering the following year we've decided to open up the tester applications! After all, it's always good to get new, motivated people into the tester team. You may have applied before already but unfortunately you didn't get picked. Well this is your chance to give it another go!

This is your chance to experience a whole new side of LS:RP. You're honestly going to take something out of this position if you really put forward some effort into your work. There's vast amounts of opportunities waiting for you inside our team. We're also looking for mappers and scripters! If you're good with mapping or if you can work your magic with PAWN well then you could be quite an asset to the entire server!

If you think you have what it takes then feel free to apply. Just go to the tester application thread, fill in the application and send a PM to DamianC. Make sure you read the thread well!

Good luck!