Greetings ghouls, goblins, zombies and gang roleplayers! It is that festive time again where we rain down on the beautiful city of Los Santos with all of our horrifying and gleeful Halloween decorations and constructions. This year in Halloween is quite special for me, Burger, our older mapper, made a surprise return to help orchestrate and create his one of a kind beautiful displays of art.

He's really outdone himself and I'm sure you're all going to enjoy it. Now I'm sure you're probably asking yourself "What does the "Isles" part mean?" Well I'll explain. Usually ever year we host a halloween event in certain areas of Los Santos. Blueberry Farm, Verdant Bluffs, East Side Beach, etc etc. This time around I wanted to change things up because of the main issues I see occurring every single year.

The mass amounts of people and vehicles and that literally swarm the areas and lag people right out of the server, and when you factor in all the objects and clothing items it's just not enjoyable for 100+ people/vehicles to be so clustered! This year it's going to be completely different.

We have set up three custom islands that can be reached by your own personal boats, swimming, and or a very special Pirate ship that is automated to go from island to land over and over and over! This way everyone can be spaced apart, there's no swarms of vehicles and it will be an overall more enjoyable experience for all. The duration of the event will last for a weekend rather than a week as well.

The Islands:

Haunted Forest:
◦This island comes with shops to buy costumes, a very fun little rude to cruise down, haunted underwater trail, creepy scenery!

Marrrgma Island:
◦Our pirate / volcano themed island! Go-kart arena, dj booth areas for partying, beautiful scenery and it's very own ride! Caution ride is very sensitive and can cause burn spots youch!

The Last Frontier:
◦Our very relaxed island. Beautiful and adventurous cave located inside and laid back mountain top overlooking everyone below...if you can even see them from that high!

See you this weekend!