Hey everyone! It’s the time of year where we hit another busy period for everything, Christmas is just around the corner, the winter is setting in (for most!) and the server as always will reach a new peak of activity from everyone staying in to keep warm. As we move forward into November we celebrate another successful year of Los Santos Roleplay and the continual improvements that come with it. The Halloween map is a complete eye opener and a massive congratulations to Burger and the mapping team for all the hard work that has gone into it, it’s truly amazing and heaps of fun!

I would like to briefly talk about the recent changes to the LSGOV websites that I’m sure everyone has seen and/or heard about. The sites was taken down and updated with brand new security features after a breach has occurred outside of anyone’s control, so for the security and safety of everyone here Mmartin did what was needed to keep your information secure. As you all know you will now be prompted to not only have to change your password but also verify new logins from different IP addresses through your email address. It’s advised that you make sure you password is fully secure and also different from everything else you use, each forum should be different, as should your IG and UCP passwords and email address passwords. This ensures your security and makes a breach extremely unlikely from taking place.

One small other thing I’d like to let everyone know is that I’m going to be moving back into staff full time to support and help going forward. With an every growing team we have to make sure the right resources are available to coach and mentor everyone and that job for one person simply is not enough! Any issues you have related to staff or in general you can query myself or private message me and I’ll get back to you in regards to it.

Now as already said as we go into November we see an increase of activity on the server which means we have to make sure we have the right resources available to all to keep things functioning properly. As I’m sure you’ve all already guessed, that means new staff! We have looked into it fully and after discussing it fully we found we needed a massive thirty new testers! The list below as always is not completely final and can be subject to change. If you have not been selected this time around, please do not give up! We always look for new staff members around the server and your chance one day will come, you just have to keep proving yourself! If you’d like to discuss anything related to your reserved applications just drop me a query on IRC.

Paps - Gentleman Hood Destroyer - SPECman - Ribsey - Foretti - Hater. - Tanner_Erisman
Shaun Gotti - Spaceman Chimp - Dee. - Tempest - Shaikh - Spanion
NCIS - Cocoon - Scarlatti - Pantries. - MaNu ✪
cawN - WhiteShadow - Amerigo - Rocky!
Crayons - Oaks. - Torez
Shinobi - HypnoSe
Heix - Ruskie

Congratulations to all! You’ll receive a private message at some stage through the day with information on how to get set up!

Because we've added so many testers it's time to actually bid farewell to a few current testers as they move onwards into new and exciting things after sucessfully graduating the Tester-Admin scheme and will now becoming brand new level 1 game admins!

Garrity - Aces - Bear - Fudge - GTAIVCode3
Kizer - Pinder - GreenHaze - Raidan
DRUNKY - Mecovy - Missi

Congratulations guys and I wish you the best of luck going forward into your new ventures within the Admin Team.

Thank you all and I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year in advance!