First off let me wish you ALL a happy new year and a great time in 2010,

We hope you all enjoyed a great new year's eve and that you had a lot of fun. But with entering a new year we've also got quite some ideas on the future of LS:RP. Some of you may have been wondering "How long will LS:RP last?" and questions similar to that. To tell you the truth, we don't know either. What we do know is that LS:RP will last a long time, the community is still growing, more and more people are wanting to help out and we're very, very happy about that. I will inform you of upcoming changes in this newspost so that you know just how much we love all of your help.

More updates
The current weapon damage script is getting a great overhaul. Krisk has done a great job and it's now possible to set the damage of certain guns to a set amount of damage. This will result in more realistic shootouts AND it's also possible through this system to add better injuries to a person if they get shot. Injuries like bleeding after being shot or getting blown off your feet when someone fires a shotgun at you at point blank range. The hitman system has also received an update where the silenced pistol will kill in 1 or 2 shots depending if the hit is carrying kevlar or not.

We also have quite a list of scripts and mapping modifications made by third party developers of LS:RP. Most of these scripts are currently under discussion but don't be surprised if you see some serious improvements throughout the next few months!


Thank you for reading and you'll find more news soon enough!