Hey everyone,

If you have not already, I advise reading through these forum updates:

Changes to the management structure
Community Update - 16 March 2016
Faction Management Update - 21 March 2016
Event Team Update - 27 March 2016

There has been a big change in server management and, as discussed in the several updates, this is for the health of the server and will allow us to keep moving onwards and upwards with LS-RP. I encourage you to read the above forum update (Community Update - 16 March 2016) for more information on that topic.


From a staff stand-point: consistency in standards/verdicts and admin coverage around the clock are a big focus. We have a strong amount of admins in our team at the moment so there should rarely be any black spots for admin availability. Feedback from the community is always appreciated and can be sent to Surreal for admins or Jakey for testers.

With that, I would like to welcome a crowd of new and returning staff members below:

[.iChester - ddey - Dynatron - Hound - Justus. - Lean - Wildcat]
.TrusT - adma - Annaah - Apophis - cre8 - Bospy - Shak. - Carter_Miller
Cho - Ert123 - Grandpa. - iJoker - Jalen - Jonesy - Kiwi. - Klif1 - Lewis.
MrTaylor - Narc - Nexxt - Nicola. - Randall Hout The 3rd - Sarcasmohjoy
Sentientâ„¢ - Timber. - Timofei_Bashkirov - Twiisty

Congratulations to the new and returning testers! You will receive a message on how to get set up soon.

[Adorn - Brady Russ - Everett - damaz - Jay-Jay - ObZen - Shruth]
Buster! - Conti. - MikeTheMike - Minion - TheNanda

Congratulations to the new and returning admins! You will also be contacted soon.


From a development stand-point: our goal is constant development and improvements as opposed to large re-vamps that are very few and far between. We plan to maintain a consistent level of updates for the server to keep any issues addressed whilst implementing new content. We will, of course, have larger updates (such as the garage system) from time to time but the baseline will be constant development and transparency with our frequent change-logs by Mmartin.


Thanks to everyone and I encourage you to keep an eye on the forum global announcements for updates.

Enjoy your March holidays!