Faction Faces Leader Departure

Throughout the past four years, the Los Santos Fire Department has undergone a great deal of changes when it came to the structure, internal policies, as well as the leadership. Recently, the faction faced a major change in leadership, with former faction leader Jenny leaving this past March.


Jenny was the Commissioner, previously known as Chief of the Los Santos Fire Department for a total of four years, starting in August 2012. Wanting to originally joining the faction as a First Responder back in 2011, it only took her a mere eight months to actually achieve the rank of Commissioner, in which she admits to not actually want to have intentions of leading the faction originally, but to be an Engineer, one of the supervising ranks. In spite of just this, many changes were brought during the four years that she was leading the faction.

Using the same character within the faction, and as her main character, she developed an effective, well-rounded faction and still had time to roleplay on the side. As the owner of Stage 25, she provided entertainment for the community off-duty, bringing music to the air. Not only this, she supported Los Santos FM for several years financially, allowing for the servers to remain up. When it comes to the community's social media, you may also know her as one of the Tracebook managers.

Originally, there was no graduation ceremony, intermediate life support, part time jobs, or a set of awesome interiors that are used on a daily basis nowadays. There wasn't much difference in roles within the faction as well, when it come to in-game duties. Jenny was able to change all of this during her tenure as Commissioner.

With no graduation ceremonies, there was an odd line between being added to the faction, and was somewhat unrealistic. With this added, it brought upon a form of initiation, plus camaraderie in to the faction. Since the addition of intermediate life support, there is now a balance between advanced life support, and basic life support amongst the community. This also allowed for civilians to become certified health providers legally down the road too, with the addition of the extra licenses. Part time jobs were also a major addition, and allowed for the faction to expand it's base membership.

Awhile ago, the faction had a mere thirty members, and gradually expanded to over one-hundred. Now, with the addition of part time jobs, plus the seperate between firefighters, paramedics, and hospital staff, community members can have an alt within the faction to roleplay either a nurse, psychologist, or a child protective services staff member.

With her leadership, and guidance with support of the faction of a whole, new guidelines were set out, along with numerous new medical guides that were distributed to each faction for standardized medical roleplay on the server.

Jenny does have plans for the future, and it also involves seeking new games to try out. She wants to focus more on her family, and also her job as main priorities as being a full-time mother can be quite busy.


The leadership was transferred over to Nick_Apps, following an in-game ceremony, as Apps was the Deputy Commissioner of the faction. Apps also joined in the year 2011, and progressed very slowly through the ranks. Before joining the ranks of high command, Apps was the head of the Los Santos Fire Department Hazmat Response Team, plus the role of Fire Marshal.

Following his promotion in to high command, Apps focused his role on support services, in which he oversaw all of the sub-departments within the faction. These departments include psychology, rapid intervention, as well as recruitment and training.

Long ago, Apps was also a member of the faction's public relations division, and took up a rather large role that no one else wanted to take over. The division was discussing the possibility of having a Los Santos Fire Department Show Day event, and Apps went over and beyond to take over the event himself. Through one-month of planning ahead with the team, Apps managed to establish the first-ever showday for the faction, and showed off the fleet of vehicles.

Apps also managed quite a few events, such as various health events that are brought in to the public, a prime example being flu vaccinations, or blood drives. Apps believes that the welfare for all factions is important, and also incorporated many inter-faction events, such as Battle of the Badges, and outdoor type activities.

Following his promotion to Deputy Commander, Nick continued to work with the sub-departments to keep the faction a fun, healthy place to roleplay in. However, as news of the Commissioner was leaving, he assumed the role of Head of Command shortly afterwards. Apps is truly a prime example of a dedicated faction member, and is currently one of the Fire Department's longest-serving members.

Apps hopes to get a fully scripted firehouse, and continue to expand the faction's playerbase. Overall, he aims to achieve a total of 150 members total, and even more! Our new Commissioner wants to keep the faction steady to offer their services to the community, and for Los Santos Roleplay to count on. He aims for excellent quality roleplay, and offering future events to entertain the community.


The Los Santos Roleplay community bids farewell to a proactive individual who brought a lot of fun and great memories to this server. LS-RP wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors and warm wishes to Nick's turn at the reigns of the Fire Department. If you're interested in the Fire Department, you can click here to check out their faction thread on our forum. You may also click here to see if recruitment is currently open and find out more information on joining their ranks!

CREDITS: ChrisRawr, Lawbringer and tw1ster.