Hey everyone. This time I've composed a list of the current richest people on LS:RP. It's mostly admins that are the richest but there are a few exceptions! I hope you enjoy the list and it's just a bit of fun information! Forum names are used instead of IG names.

Aline - 2,560,000,000+
Zharov - 883,000,000+
Insomnia - 229,000,000+
Santino Valenti - 216,000,000
Levine - 185,000,000
Deniz - 143,000,000+
Rayes - 131,000,000
Logan_Clayton - 96,000,000 (Banned)
Kimberly - 83,000,000+
amef - 72,000,000+
Mark_Miller - 69,000,000
Kristen_Jackson - 63,000,000
G-Soldier - 62,000,000+

Did you know that back in 2007 you used to be able to put millions into savings and get quite some percentage over your amount? And who knows, maybe one day you'll become as rich as these people!

Also! Everything is coming along quite well. The current work that the entire admin and tester team are putting in is huge. We receive about 150+ applications a day now and LS:RP is slowly spreading to other categories! Take for example the start of the Youtube channel and the whole new mapping showcase section on the forums. It's good to see so many different views of LS:RP and there's a LOT of artistic and creative people in the community who want to show what they can do. And now we can give them that chance now through those new assets.