24/7 System Released

Hello LS:RP community! Today I present an article to you with information about the new 24/7 update. We'd like to thank all the developers involved who took time in creating the update and everyone who took part in testing it as well.

The update addresses a number of problems arising from 24/7 stores in the past, most notably the access to baseball bats. Administrators have recently been cracking down on players carrying such weapons on their backs without and clothing items to cover them up and this update delivers another blow to the crowd of players who enjoy cheap, easily accessible bats. The update increases the cost of baseball bats from their former price of $100, to the price of $1500. While the price isn't exactly proportionate to real life, hopefully it helps thin out the number of baseball bats on the streets and keeps them to a more practical usage.

Along with the bat changes, comes more exciting news! Previously, flowers were only accessible by those with a weapons warehouse or by those who had a connection to a weapons warehouse. Flowers, in the past, have been sold for as much as $30,000 or more - an astronomical amount for a cosmetic item that doesn't hold any significance other than aesthetic; is now only $500. The flowers are now much more affordable, allowing players to purchase them from a shop as a gift to a significant other, decoration for a table, or even just a makeshift clothing item.


The update also gives players access to cigarettes and alcohol, the former previously only available to those role-playing in the prison. Cigarettes, a hot commodity, once sold for a lot of money to legal role-players without access to the prison; no longer will they need to use prison to obtain these items! Cigarettes, like alcoholic drinks, can now be purchased in a 24/7, opening a wide array of role-play opportunities. I can smell the new addictions from here with the easy access of said products. The addition of the new items will hopefully serve to supplement passive role-play and character development.

Overall, while this may not be a major update, it's always been the small things that LS:RP has that makes it so unique. I'm also happy to report that we now have working gas cans as well with this update! The appeasing new visual menu is also a lot more simple and easier to navigate through as well. As always we look forward to development as this server is growing to new heights every day, one bit at a time.

CREDITS: Axis, tw1ster.