Mayor Vaughn in the back of an LSPD vehicle.


Earlier today, May 14, 2016, Mayor Frank Vaughn was arrested by Los Santos Police Department officials under the supervision of Chief Michael Houston. Executing an arrest warrant issued by the Department of Justice, the Los Santos Police Department placed Mr. Vaughn in handcuffs and incarcerated him on what is rumored to be Corruption of Public Office. While formal charges have not yet been announced by the Department of Justice, the Governors Office has exercised executive authority to remove Vaughn from his post as Mayor of Los Santos. With the removal of the Mayor from his position, the upcoming election was accelerated by the Office of the State Clerk.

Mr. Frank Vaughn was elected to his position as Mayor in 2015 after defeating incumbent mayor Rakesh Namir among other opponents and has served two consecutive terms since. By restructuring the government and eliminating waste, while providing useful programs such as the Port Authority, Business Loans, funding for education, and programs to reduce homelessness, Mr. Vaughn has left his mark on the city. Unfortunately for him, he'll be best remembered for being the first mayor to be arrested, indicted, and convicted while in office.

Dominick Fontana, Deputy Mayor of Los Santos, made the following statement following the arrest of Mayor Frank Vaughn by the Los Santos Police Department:

Earlier today my friend and colleague Mayor Frank Vaughn was arrested by the Los Santos Police Department while protesting in solidarity with the workers of Ocean Docks.

I condemn the arrest of Mayor Vaughn, which was authorized by Governor Jesse Styles and performed personally by Police Chief Michael Houston, in the strongest possible terms.

Since the beginning of his time in public office, Mayor Vaughn has fought for increased accountability and transparency of our state’s overly authoritative law enforcement agencies. He has championed the interest of the common citizen against the interests of those who lead our state’s most powerful institutions.

It has become clear to me that Mayor Vaughn’s arrest was nothing short of a political coup performed by these strongmen, who remain unaccountable to the people in spite of the overly broad powers they possess.

This problem is compounded by the acquiescence of Governor Styles, who is supposed to exercise oversight of our state’s security services. His unwillingness to confront the autocratic actions of these agencies has resulted in an out-of-control police force that abuses authority and suppresses dissent on a whim.

After unsuccessfully attempting to come to a resolution with Governor Styles, I am forced to make a difficult decision. Effective immediately, I am resigning as Deputy Mayor of Los Santos.

I cannot in good conscience continue to participate in a system that privileges authoritarian institutions over the civil liberties of our citizenry. Something is deeply wrong in our liberal democracy if even those who are elected to public office are subject to arbitrary arrest by our state’s security services for protesting the abuse of power.

I would like to thank Mayor Vaughn for giving me the opportunity to serve the great people of Los Santos. I also want to ensure all citizens that our municipal government will continue to function as normal, and that an interim successor will be appointed in the near future.

As election season begins once again, I encourage all citizens to stand up and demand accountability from those in power. In the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

On an out-of-character level, Frank Vaughn (otherwise known as Michael Westbrook.) has role-played a variety of roles from infamous and gritty Gang and Narcotics detective to becoming the Mayor of Los Santos. Out of the many characters on the server, the character Frank Vaughn is among the most developed and interesting characters we've ever seen in regards to the Government. Behind the screen, Vaughn was a great leader and excellent manager of the Los Santos Government faction and received nothing but praise from the many people who were close to him both within his mayoral cabinet and outside of it. The position of Mayor is largely viewed as an in-character leader within the city, and an out-of-character community leader in a way, and thus is entrusted to dedicated people selected by popular vote. Vaughn did an excellent job in his tenure as mayor, and will definitely do great in the next role he fills, whether that's in legal or illegal role-play.

CREDITS: Axis, tw1ster.