Hey everyone,

July was a busy month for the server and the admin team but there isn't a whole lot of new information to report! I worked on the feedback I received from the staff team as stated in my last update and will move forward to collecting general feedback from the community soon. To provide more information on that: I will be opening a thread (likely in the form of a Google Forms Survey) to allow everyone to send me feedback on anything they feel is important. This can be feedback about what you like, what you don't like, problems you think need to be resolved, things you think need to be changed, what you think should be improved, and so on. It can be feedback about absolutely anything, and I will collate everyone's responses and go through them with the server's staff leaders so we can begin working on feedback from the community as a whole. As I've stated many times before: feedback from the community is valuable as everyone has a unique outlook on the server and see it from their own perspective. Not everything can be apparent to staff members alone.

We have placed focus on bringing more admins into the team these last few months to ensure that we have enough coverage over summer, and we will continue to do so by bringing in another batch of our more senior Testers into the Tester-Admin Scheme to learn the ropes and have an opportunity at becoming a Game Admin. This will ensure that the players get the admin availability that they need, and the server has decent coverage around the clock by a full rostered administrative team. I will list the names of those who are entering the scheme lower in this post.

I will also raise a few of our concerns in this monthly update. We will be cracking down on death-matching (as you may have already seen), breaches of common courtesy and other rule-breaks that ruin immersion for other players and provide them a poor experience when playing on the server. Repeat offenders of rule breaches may find themselves being handed a server ban as we want to let you know that this kind of behaviour is absolutely unacceptable. You should familiarise yourself with the rules and play on this server with the intention to enjoy yourself and provide enjoyable role-play to others. I feel some people have lost their way in respect to that, and do not play fairly or with role-play in mind and that will be addressed.

Another prominent example of what we want to see improvement in is the general "atmosphere" of certain areas, like Idlewood. It has degraded over recent weeks (with the higher server count) and people are definitely ruining the experience for others and breaking server rules. Play fair, play nice and do not find any excuse to generate conflict with other players. We want all locations in the server to have a decent role-play atmosphere, and areas like Idlewood Pizza Stack are no exception. Admins will be cracking down on the individuals who go to Idlewood Pizza Stack to mess around/DM and push their luck with the server rules at the expense of others. The admin team will be briefed about the stricter approach to rule-breaking this month.

Another point I'd like to quickly address is working on the balance between illegal and legal. You may have noticed that we reduced the drug health bonus, and we also have taken some strides to reduce heavy weapon usage by Law Enforcement factions with new server rules. These are two prominent points that have posed an issue for either side, and we will continue to look at our options to improve both the legal and illegal sides of the server.

Without further ado, I will move on to admin promotions, reinstatements and our TA Induction list:


Admin Promotions:

July has been one of the in-between months where the team is full of new admins and most others are still settling into their recent promotions.

Level 2 -> 3 Admin:

Congratulations to Mecca and I wish him luck with his new role.


Admin / Tester Reinstatements:

I'd like to welcome back the following administrators to the team as of August 1st:


And welcome back to the following tester as of August 1st:


Congratulations and welcome back!


Tester-Admin Scheme Induction:

We are inducting another batch of Senior Forum Moderators to the Tester-Admin Scheme to help out with the workload over the course of summer. They will be approached and inducted over the next few days and learn the ropes through the month of August.


Congratulations to the above on entering the Tester-Admin scheme. I wish them the best of luck.


Thanks for reading,