Peddlers of Death Motorcycle Club is an official illegal faction which aims to portray the lives of drug fueled and violent nomadic Motorcycle Club members. The faction was founded by Ruskie and Koehler back in August 2015 and achieved official status on July 2nd, 2016. Peddlers of Death Motorcycle Club provides unique, creative and enjoyable roleplay for the lower class of Los Santos. On a daily basis, the leaders of the faction are looking to improve and create more unique and entertaining roleplay for people to watch or even be apart of. We had a bit of Q&A with Ruskie to see his input on things.

Answer a bit about what the faction is about, what they do?
    The faction portrays life of a group of outlaws who live on the run, taking one day at a time. They fuel themselves with drugs and alcohol and they do whatever needed to always be stocked on these two things. Motorcycles and the circle on the back is what keeps them close to eachother. If you want comparison to a real life counterpart, think of the clubs that existed during the 70s-80s (Dirt that Moves MC for example), whose sole focus was riding and getting wasted together. What we brought that was new to biker roleplay was the nomad concept. We always switched places based on IC events and so far, we've been pretty much all over the map.

How does it feel becoming an official faction?
    Obviously it feels good. It gives us confidence and it confirms the fact that our roleplay is entertaining for both us and the factions that interact with us.

How long has this been faction running for?
    We're gonna hit one year next month but it feels like it's been just a couple of months. Time sure flies!

Is there anything you plan to do differently now that you're an official faction?
    Heroin roleplay has been at the helm of the faction since day one (the patch, the motto, the name are all in relation to it and we designed the patch having heroin as a motif) and we want to bring this drug to light. As of now, the market is saturated with cocaine and weed and there's several drugs that have an immense roleplay potential but are not used enough. We'd like to bring a piece of that NOLA sludgey atmosphere that lives on hard drugs to LS-RP and we encourage every bum and fiend out there to get in touch with us, we got the cheapest fixes!

Is there anything else you'd to add?
    I'd like to thank every Peddler that was, and is, a part of the faction. A double round of thanks to Xibi and Poisonskittles for leading this with me and faction management for guiding us.

Faction Video

From Head of Illegal Factions Birdman, Peddlers got Official because:

    Peddlers of Death Motorcycle Club first submitted their official faction application around the end of last year. They have proven themselves to be worth by keeping a consistent activity and offering excellent roleplay to the community of LS:RP. Faction Management kept track and consistenly monitored them throughout half a year to ensure the faction was worth to occupy an official faction slot and represent LS:RP by it.

Credits: xorcist, Sarcasmohjoy, Barnesky