Better known in game as Jason Dempster, Sparx joined Los Santos Roleplay November 2012. He has come a long way since then and has absorbed a quantifiable amount of responsibility. Administrators are more often than not seen as a figure meant to regulate the rules and regulations set forth by the server. In several cases, game admins are given much more responsibilities than simply punish rule breakers in game, handle player reports and ban appeals. In the second edition of the series of articles, "Meet the Admin," we will find more about Sparx, his dedication and hard work put solely for the benefit of the server and its players.

Today, you can mostly see Sparx roleplaying a Lieutenant in the Los Santos Police Department. He has been leading the Air Support Division for a while now. However, he used to lead a faction by the name of Wo Hop To (和合桃). For him, it was primarily an experiment to gain experience with running a faction and trying out the illegal side of things at a leadership point of view. Wo Hop To was based on the triads and it ran for around two months. According to him, it wasn't so successful but provided him a good learning experience. He didn't embrace the legal side of roleplay until 2013 when he joined SADOC, before which he used to roleplay in illegal factions full time.

Sparx was previously head of News Team and lead the team in an efficient and effective manner and had it moved for its betterment. Since then, Sarcasmohjoy has been leading the News Team. Both of them have put in all effort that they possibly can and it has affected the user experience of the server positively. After having joined the server on November of 2012, he first applied for the Tester team on July 2014. He was skeptical of being considered for a competitive position, given he had next to no references at a time he thought having references was crucial. Sparx was encouraged to apply by a few peers and went for it. He regarded himself as a committed person and pointed that out as a key factor of his success. In his eyes, a person needs to be committed one hundred percent to work their way up in any team. When asked how we worked his way up to the position he is in now, this was his reply:

You just keep doing your work, do your best with activities and press forward until you are given more responsibilities as your experience and attributes expand and grow.

His major role in LS-RP is Head of Forum Mods. Here is a better definition of what the role entails as its responsibilities, thanks to Sparx for the source. Head of Forum Mods is a title responsible for Forum Moderation and Senior Forum Moderation roles. It's roles available to testers within the staff team and generally works with keeping the forums clean, handling report requests and more involving Teamspeak and Disabled Signatures. As Head of Forum Moderators, he generally ensures that the right people are chosen for the position and ensure those in his team actually work to the standards of LS:RP in relation to forum moderation. He also assists with Testers under Jakey which is also quite a prominent position which relates hugely to Head of Forum Moderation.

Behind his success were the support of his friends. There were multiple people that helped him become what he is today. They helped him in terms of encouragement and lifted his morale. Krille120 was the first person to recommend him in his tester application. damaz, a former member of the Staff Team, helped him transition from a nobody in 2013 to a valued staff member that he is today. He thanked Collins, former server manager, for working with him from a Tester to a Game Administrator, "and many others who have worked with me along the way have helped me tremendously- even those who are not and have never not been staff have proved worthy of molding me into the person I am on LS:RP." - Sparx.

The real person is one from Scotland. He lives in the United Kingdom and he is 19 years old. He works full time and finished his course of Chemistry and Biology the previous year in college. In his free time, he plays games here and there, works with LS-RP, works out now and then, and he also hill-walks in Scotland among his many hobbies. We hope this article brought you closer to the Staff Team. You can always contact Sparx on his IRC tag @Sparx.