Hey everyone,

In line with your feedback, a lot of people have flagged that the XMRadio system has been neglected over the years and is now filled with dead and unused radio stations. This Recommend A Station thread was filled with suggestions to keep the system going, but was never properly used by the server after the XMRadio system was added to the script.

I obtained the ability to edit the XMRadio stations in real-time today, and deleted an exceptionally large amount of dead/inactive radio stations that were still on the XMRadio system. After that, I tried to populate each section with at least a few new radio stations (unless it was a very specific genre) and revived some old stations that had changed their host address that we use to connect and listen. After doing all that, you now have more radios to choose from.

As stated before: the previous "Recommend A Station" thread was neglected, and unfortunately the majority of suggested stations are now dead or inactive. This means the thread is rife with pages upon pages of stations we cannot use. Given that the XMRadio list can now be easily managed in real-time (no server restarts required etc), I am willing to open a new, clean thread and stay on-top of people's suggestions and add them to the server if they're feasible. I would like the XMRadio feature to be driven by the community as you are the people that are using it for your role-play atmosphere and personal enjoyment when you're around a /setstation and everyone (or your character) has different taste.

The link to the new thread to suggest new radio stations can be found here: - Recommend an XMRadio Station

Feel free to also let me know if I've missed any dead radio stations whilst doing my clean-out.

Thanks for reading,