Hey everyone!

2017 is finally here and with it, we're starting implementation of the new MDC system - today we're bringing in the police part of the MDC. I'm really excited to have the base of the MDC in a usable state (about time, really) and I'm even more excited to build on top of that. Feature documentation will pop up in the following days, I'd like to try something new and see people explore the feature themselves instead of reading everything beforehand. It's not very complicated, infact, most of it is intuitive. Or at least I like to believe so!

However, the MDC is not the only thing to look forward to this year. As Surreal mentioned in his previous post, for example we're going to be aiming to resume more frequent updates to the script in general. Another thing to really look forward to is the recently announced drug update (you make me proud, otter!), the ATM banking system, and the poker system - now while I don't have a date to give you, Noble is now mostly done with it, but there's a lot of testing to do, mainly to make sure the system evaluates your cards properly - you wouldn't want to lose millions due to a glitch!

In terms of plans for our websites - we considered multiple options for our forum, but ultimately decided to stay with phpbb. We'll be upgrading to the latest version of it sometime in the first quarter - not sure when yet, but it's well overdue. We're also planning to revamp the UCP, the site you're reading this article on to give it a modern and fresh vibe.

So many plans! There's going to be a lot to do and as much as I enjoy spending hundreds of hours buried in code each month, I couldn't do it alone. That's why we'll be also looking at the development team as a whole and give it a restructure so we can take in passionate members of the community to help out with smaller tasks for the upcoming projects.

I think that's it for an update from the development side of things. There's another article we've planned to publish in the next few days, to look at 2016 in retrospective. Stay posted!

I wish you all a successful and happy 2017, full of love, health and fortune.