Hey all,

The MDC has been out for a month now and I must say, it went alright. While it could've gone way worse, I'm sure there's still a lot of room for improvement and expansion (I didn't forget about you, FD & DOC!). The new SACF is the next big thing on the list for me and Justus, significant progress has also been made on Noble's poker system and Otter's drug system, which by the way has an active Q&A session open right now, check it out here.

A lot of exciting updates for both legal and illegal parts of the server, however there's a part that's often overlooked -- the civilians. Although it's safe to say that the majority of the server would fall under the legal/illegal category, civilian role-play has always been a significant part, often overlapping with the aforementioned two. And what are the best hotspots for civilian roleplay? Businesses.

During January, we approached you, the community about your feedback on the current status of businesses on the server. Surreal created a great thread to discuss the rules and etiquette surrounding businesses, including frequent brawls, robberies, free drinks served in clubs and similar. You're encouraged to drop by and express your opinion -- it counts. About a week ago, we also approached players who own a business in game and gathered their feedback on the current underlying script for their ventures and I can already say, we've some amazing things underway!

Moving on, there's more news for the structure of the development team, we're bringing in two new, unharmed souls from our backlog of applications to help out with our plans for 2017:

Davis and Justus

Congratulations you two, I know you both deserve it and I'm looking forward to see what you can bring to the table.

Kind regards,
Head of Development