Hey everyone,

Today's been a long time coming. Literally — it marks ten years since Los Santos Roleplay was first created. To put it into perspective, if LS-RP were a person, they'd be done with primary education and about to get hit by puberty.

I was not here when LS-RP first started; hell, I joined about halfway through. And that's why, before moving any further, I'd like to dedicate this paragraph to everyone that made LS-RP what it is today.

Thank you Kalcor, for creating SA-MP and providing a platform for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of players to play on over the years. Thank you everyone, that worked on the LS-RP script and it's features before me and with me, it's a privilege to be able to contribute to a piece of code that beautifully shows how times changed the way SA-MP modes were developed. Thank you, all previous and current managers, lead admins and level fours, for keeping the server ticking like a Swiss clock. It's a hard and often thankless job, but the server would be a chaotic mess without you. All administrators that work and worked hard to make the experience better for everyone on the server, thank you. It gets tiring and headache-inducing at times, but if it wasn't for all of you, we couldn't go in-game and enjoy the game how it's meant to be played. Thank you to all testers that helped us developers getting their code ready for release and for going through hundreds of thousands applications over the years, never hesitating to lend a helping hand to both new and seasoned players. Thanks to you guys, we are able to maintain the standard of roleplay LS-RP is so proud to brag about.

Thank you everyone, who ever led a faction, legal or illegal and helped pushing the limits of roleplay on SA-MP. Thank you everyone, who contributed their work to LS-RP one way or another, whether through mapping, third party tools, guides or otherwise useful topics on our forum. Thank you everyone, who contributed with valuable discussion, feedback and suggestions, and everyone who simply played and enjoyed their time - without you, all of it would be pointless.

In preparation for this post, I was compiling a list of all sorts of cool statistics for the last year and for the past ten years (a lot of logs from the older days were unfortunately lost, so it wouldn't be all that breathtaking anyway), but I chose not to include them this time. Sure — the numbers make the community look huge, but there's an aspect of LS-RP that always made it seem bigger in my eyes than just the numbers. And that's the bonds created along the way. I'd like all of you who have been around for at least a couple of weeks to have a scroll through your contact lists on Skype, Whatsapp, Discord or whatever else it is you use. Years from now when you're no longer playing LS-RP, if anyone mentions it, that's what you'll remember. Not the money you had, the admin level you were, how many enemies you killed — in the end, we're all here because we don't want to be playing alone and sometimes, we forget that. I've always admired our community for being very accepting, regardless of anyone's background. I was a proud witness to many otherwise unlikely strong friendships, hell in some cases even meaningful relationships being formed. And in many many years, when LS-RP is a thing of the past for you, that's what you will remember — the people and the stories, not the things you had.

Moving on from the sentimental aspect of your (adopted) child turning ten, after the congratulations come the presents. The tradition usually was to host an event on LS-RP's birthday (often leading to the city being left destroyed), and while I enjoyed those both as a player and later as a staff member, we decided to take a slightly different route this time around. Instead of directing resources towards an in-game event, we decided to funnel them all into cleaning house. Starting tomorrow, May the 18th, we'll be gradually releasing TEN updates - one a day at roughly 19:00 server-time. Some larger and some smaller, but I'm sure that everyone will find a bit they'll enjoy in there. All I ask from you guys is a bit of patience, while everything was tested, it's almost a custom for things to not go as smooth as expected once they're released. We're also still working on fixing the annoying lag that came around recently, and I hope it won't discourage you from checking out what we've prepared.

May 18th: San Andreas Correctional Facility
May 19th: Tollbooth System
May 20th: Advertisement Improvements
May 21st: Texas Hold 'em Poker
May 22nd: State Government & Staff Update
May 23rd: Environment Mapping
May 24th: Faceinvader
May 25th: Drug Update 1.0
May 26th: Forum Upgrade
May 27th: Garages & Vehicle Auctions

We won't announce what the updates or changes are until they're put in place to keep a bit of suspense throughout the week, although I'm sure the conspiracy theories on the forum will flourish (that's not bad!). Each of the updates will be accompanied by its own post here on the website, to give a bit of a background and initial information. I don't want to make this article too long so that I don't lose your attention, so I'll see you tomorrow in a perhaps more uplifting and less sentimental post to announce the first revision.