Originally announced to release early this year, the new prison interior was one of the most anticipated updates in quite some time. The mapping team, namely Keanu_Petrosyan have done an outstanding job in revising all facilities, cell blocks and pretty much every corner of the prison grounds. Not only do all of the rooms get a more realistic visual overhaul, completely new and unique parts of SACF have been introduced as well, such as different hallways and cellblock designs for General Population and Isolation (SHU), new interview rooms or even a chapel.


I'd like to remind everyone that if you wish to see the masterpiece of a mapping in-game and aren't currently in the DOC or incarcerated in-character, you can request to be sent to prison for either twelve or twenty-four hours by sending in a report (/report). Keep in mind that if you choose to do so, you'll have to wait the time you requested out fully, or kill your character (CK, you couldn't use the name again) to get out of prison. Commiting crimes in a manner that provokes the police to catch you won't be tolerated.

Revision Branding
With the Anniversary Updates, we're also introducing a new change to how script versions are going to be branded. While this won't affect you directly and is more of a cosmetic change, in case you were wondering, the format will now be as follows:

where year increases by one once a year, on LS-RP's birthday. For convenience's sake, it'll be set to 10 now. Major revision number is bumped up every time a large, focused project is released - such as this one, the SACF. Minor revision numbers change by every single script update between major updates. Additional notes might be appended to the revision number, if any specific debug (or other) scripts are running on the live version.

As you can tell, we kicked things off with a big one. We tried to arrange the updates so in case something goes wrong, we've time to look into it before the next one, so in case you find any issues with today's release, please create a bug report on our forums and we'll do our best.

See you tomorrow with more shenanigans,