Hey all,

Welcome to day four of the anniversary update! The number four ironically has something in common with what we bring you today. I first started initial development on the poker system over four years ago when I was only a teenager and sitting here now in my mid-twenties with over 5.5k lines of PAWN later, I'm super happy and relieved that this day has arrived. I believe I have been awarded the achievement for having the longest running feature in development and hold this achievement with great pride!

With the addition of the new poker system you can expect to find the following new capabilities in-game:

• The ability to purchase poker tables using the furniture system for both houses and businesses.

You can now make use of the as-is furniture system to purchase a poker table for your property and invite other players over to enjoy a game of poker; keeping in-line with the law of course.

• The ability to play multiple poker games concurrently.

This capability allows multiple poker games to be running concurrently opening opportunities for tournaments and even businesses to accelerate profits!

• The ability to interact with the system using SA-MP text-draws.

You can now interact with the system using SA-MP's text-draw system allowing you to click on menu items and view the actual cards representations.

I really hope you all enjoy using this system as much as I have enjoyed developing it. The current build is considered as a minimum viable product and of course, we're open to suggestions/enhancements so if you have some feedback please make a note as we'll be formally accepting them soon.

Please ensure you gamble responsibly! Poker can be considered a difficult game so if you're a new player I would suggest learning about it before jumping in.

Due to the nature of this system interacting with players money I have been very cautious when it comes to testing which had lead me to onboarding a closed team of players from the community with extended knowledge in Texas Hold 'em. While we have successfully tested a large range of scenarios, issues may arise in production so please remain vigilant and report anything you feel which is not considered normal. Please ensure you keep your log files and take regular screenshots in the event you may need to be refunded due to an issue.