Hey everyone,

For today's update, I will be announcing the State Government revamp that has been in the works as well as announcing a very large staff team update that includes bringing in a whole new list of community members as testers:


It is our opinion that a proper Government faction should be one of the major legal factions (and legal role-play options) on the server, and a big platform for legal/political role-players to flourish in which, at the moment, it is not.

We will be dissolving the City Government (and with that, removing the position of Mayor) and be focusing on one large State Government that runs legal affairs on the server. It will be headed by a Governor and Lieutenant-Governor who will have functional involvement in processes and actively participate in the system/role-play on a much more frequent basis. All of the current City Government operations, bureaus and personnel will be absorbed into this new State faction — for more information on that, it would be best to check the spoiler that contains the functional hierarchy system. On top of running existing operations, it will expand upon them and look at new state-wide options as well.

The general idea is that we want to place a large focus on trying to move as many legal role-play opportunities as we can into this State Government (trying to find a way to turn NPC/OOC processes into in-character ones, too) and provide a plethora of legal/political options for players. It ties together a lot of loose ends and brings everything into one large State Government faction with no further need for three factions. We want there to be a solid foundation for role-players that are interested in politics or are interested in more options on the legal side of the spectrum. There is also going to be a focus placed on longevity and consistency with the new State Government so it stands the test of time.

State Senate will be re-vamped and brought back again under this State Government change, and we will be holding at-large elections in the near future for that. If you are interested in becoming someone who can make change to the server's laws/acts, propose and vote on new bills, etcetera, then I suggest you get involved and run for State Senator.

To house the State Senate, the construction work in Pershing Square will finally be completed to look like:

For those that are interested, this is one of the latest drafts for the system to show the available roles:

    Executive Branch
    Office of the Governor: led by the Governor and the Lieutenant-Governor
    Chief of Staff (x1)
    Press Secretary (x1)
    Director of Policy (x1)
    Director of Legislative Affairs (x1)
    Chief Legal Counsel (x1)
    Special Assistant/Driver (x1)

    Department of State: led by the Secretary of State
    Bureau of Communications: responsible for communications/press relations of the state government
    Communications Director (x1)
    Communications Officer (x1-2)

    Bureau of Licensing: responsible for licensing programs
    Director of Licensing (x1)
    Licensing Manager (x1-2)
    Licensing Officer I, II, III (x3-5)

    Bureau of Taxation: responsible for collecting taxes/revenue
    Director of Taxation (x1)
    Taxation Officer I, II, III (x3-5)

    Bureau of Elections: responsible for holding elections and investigating any violations of elections law
    Chief Electoral Officer (x1)
    Electoral Officer (x2-3)
    Department of Social Services: led by the Secretary of Social Services
    Bureau of Commerce: responsible for promoting business/economic development in the state
    Director of Commerce (x1)
    Economic Development Officer (x3-5)

    Bureau of Welfare: responsible for administering the state's welfare programs
    Director of Welfare (x1)
    Welfare Manager (x1-2)
    Welfare Officer I, II, III (x3-5)

    Bureau of Housing: responsible for administering public housing
    Director of Housing (x1)
    Housing Officer I, II, III (x3-5)

    Department of Transportation: led by the Secretary of Transportation
    Bureau of Public Transportation
    Director of Public Transportation(x1)
    Transportation Manager (x2-3)
    Transportation Operator I, II, III (x5-10)

    Bureau of Highway & Road Maintenance
    Director of Highway & Road Maintenance(x1)
    Highway & Road Maintenance Manager (x1-2)
    Highway & Road Maintenance Operator I, II, III (x4-6)

    Bureau of Motor Vehicles

    Department of Education: led by the Secretary of Education
    Bureau of Public Education
    Public Education Manager(x1)

    Department of Infrastructure
    (This would essentially be the IC manifestation of the server's mapping team. If the government/administration wants to build something new, they would commission the DI to design and build/script it).
    Department of the Military (National Guard)

    Department of Corrections

    Sheriff's Department

    Department of Justice

    City of Los Santos
    [list]Los Santos Police Department
    Los Santos Fire Department

    So, the Governor's executive cabinet would be comprised of the following individuals:

    Lieutenant Governor of San Andreas
    Chief of the Los Santos Police Department
    Commissioner of the Los Santos Fire Department
    Attorney General of San Andreas/leader of the Department of Justice
    Warden of the Department of Corrections
    Sheriff of the Sheriff's Department
    Secretary of State
    Secretary of Social Services
    Secretary of Transportation
    Secretary of Education
    Secretary of Infrastructure

We hope to roll out this re-vamp in the short-term, but there are obviously a lot of factors at play and it cannot be rushed. This update makes the re-vamp and intended changes official, so it's just a matter of ensuring the transition is as smooth as possible and that everything is planned out properly. Legal faction leaders have already been informed but if you are a non-leadership City Government employee then you will be receiving communication soon.

For those of you who have no interest in legal/political role-play — these changes mean that there will hopefully be a more active and in-depth political/Government scene on the server for others, and there is obviously a lot of opportunity for overlap with non-involved players/factions. For those who are interested, this changes should bring forward new opportunities for legal role-players and I encourage you to get involved.



The tenth anniversary as good a time as any to recognise our staff members and the time and effort they put into the server. They help keeps the wheels turning and alongside you, the community, they are the reason the server is still able to keep chugging along today. Like Mmartin has said — our gratitude goes out to all staff past and present.

With all of these updates, excitement and with Summer on the horizon, we thought it would be a good time to bring in a whole new group of community members to the tester team. I'll be announcing a brand new list of testers, reinstatements to both the tester and admin team, tester-admin graduation/induction and other promotions in this post.

As stated, with Summer around the corner, it's the perfect time to start expanding the team from top to bottom in preparation. That means looking at bringing in new administrators to handle the increased workload and player count, as well as ensuring that we have a full tester team to work together and ensure all our bases are covered. Summer is always the busiest time for our server and with all of these updates included, I am sure we will need the help! It's always a pleasure to recognise our enthusiastic community members and bring them into the staff team for the first time.


Without further ado, I will move on to announce a whole host of new additions and promotions:



Congratulations to the following people who will be welcomed into our tester team for the very first time:

Dos Santos
King Ghali
Scary Eire
top boy

And welcome back to the following testers who will be reinstating into the tester team:


Congratulations again, and I look forward to seeing you around the server and the forums! Please contact Jakey to take the next step and be welcomed into the team.



Admin Level 2 -> 3


Admin Level 1 -> 2


Congratulations to the above on their promotions. Well deserved.



I'd like to welcome back the following administrators to the team:

International — Lvl 1
Marky — Lvl 1
Minion — Lvl 1
Redman — Lvl 1
Shaikh — Lvl 1
Shepherd — Lvl 1

Congratulations and I look forward to seeing you around again.



The following testers have graduated from the Tester-Admin Scheme to become full-blown administrators:

O.G Alex

Congratulations to the above and I look forward to seeing you around.



The following testers will be given the opportunity to join our Tester-Admin scheme and learn the ropes of administration and perhaps become a part of our game administration team in time:


Congratulations to the above and good luck.


Thanks for reading,