It's been about half a year since Los Santos was without an IC social media platform. Since then, we received dozens of requests for a new site to be introduced and today, we're finally here to deliver. Tracebook used to be quite popular amongst civilian roleplayers, as it often made meeting other players easier and provided a bit of visual background for the characters you were interacting with. Since we still had the license we used previously, it wasn't too much of a sacrifice to set a similar site up. So, today we're happy to present:

Faceinvader, the new social media website of Los Santos whose name was inspired by Facebook and LifeInvader (frankly - Lifebook sounds really, really boring), is currently ran by LS-RP staff. We rolled the site out with a basic set of plugins, including instant messaging, event scheduling, albums and similar. We didn't want to put too many features in at launch, instead we'd rather see how the site handles everything and add to it as time goes on. After all, we learned from experience that if there's many people and many plugins at the same time, it may lead to slower response times from the site's engine. Once we've gathered enough data and feedback, we'll look into expanding it if necessary.

Please keep in mind that basic LS-RP rules still apply on the site, including but not limited to mixing IC and OOC, metagame, or ban evading. Severe breach of server rules on the site might lead to consequences on your in-game account.

I'll see you all at tomorrow's script update, about which I'm frankly quite excited about,