Hey everyone,

Welcome to the tenth day of our update streak. Today was originally supposed to be a different script update, however we didn't manage to get it ready in time. Naive me thought that I'd have enough time to test it during the anniversary week, oh boy was I ever more wrong!

We didn't want to leave you without any update tonight however, so we're bringing in the long awaited standalone garages. They are player-owned (not attached to a house or business) and you can furnish them. We'll be soon rolling out a follow-up update to allow weapons and drugs being stored in them as well. The garages will be auctioned off to the highest bidder (but don't worry, there's enough of them to grab). For now, we added a total of 43 garages — we focused mainly on neutral areas, as we didn't want gang neighbourhoods having intruders who normally wouldn't belong just because of the novelty of the standalone garage system. Once the novelty wears off, we'll add more garages all around the city.

Garage Auctions

We're also starting another series of Exclusive Vehicle Auctions, this time you'll be able to go for the following: Sparrow(2x), Infernus, Turismo, Super GT, BF Injection and a Hotknife. The Sparrow is a completely new addition to LS-RP, and if everything goes right, we'll be auctioning more of them off in the future. Please be sure to read the auction rules before placing any bids! Good luck.

Exclusive Vehicle Auctions

I'll see you all in a bit in a follow-up post to close the anniversary off,