Hey everyone,
We are now into the Summer months, and the usual annual peak of the server is coming about soon. I hope that recent implementations serve to complement the role-play experience over the full Summer period, and I am pleased to see that we have a full tester and admin team to help support the players when they need assistance over the server's busier periods. Staff leaders will do our best to ensure the team tackles their responsibilities over the Summer period and the level of support is smooth and consistent.

After the hustle and bustle of the anniversary updates, I do not have much to announce this month on the staff team front. We will look at inducting some brand new testers over the coming months as we recently handled a drive during the anniversary. Our brand new tester-admin scheme participants will be assessed for graduation this month, too, so expect to read more about that in my next update.

I will mention that if you are interested in getting your hands on a property around San Andreas, I am currently trying to ensure that we put up a constant flow of auction properties in this forum section. This is a way for everyone to get the opportunity to bid on and obtain a property if they have the funds to do so. The available properties will be all over the city and county, and there's a good mix of cheap, mid-range and expensive properties to bid on. Be sure to keep an eye out and see if there's a property there that interests you!

Without further ado, I will move on to announce our tester and admin team reinstatements, and admin promotions:



Welcome back to the following testers who will be reinstating into the tester team:


Congratulations again, and I look forward to seeing you around the server and the forums! Please contact Jakey to take the next step and be welcomed into the team.



I'd like to welcome back the following administrators to the team:

Bennemus — Level 1
Torez — Level 1

Congratulations and I look forward to seeing you around again.



Admin Level 2 -> 3


Admin Level 1 -> 2


Congratulations to the above on their promotions. Well deserved.


Thanks for reading,