Hey everyone,
This update will focus heavily around the staff team with new staff members, promotions, reinstatements and updates surrounding the tester-admin scheme. A quick reminder: if you apply to join the staff team as a tester then you can be inducted at any time when we post up a monthly update. We no longer rely on long waits in the "reserved pool" as our system for selecting new staff members. The new batch listed below is a mixture of already reserved testers and brand new testers that have been accepted in the recent recruitment drive. Congratulations to everyone. I am posting this update a little early so all the names listed below can get set up in the staff team by the start of the month.

There's a few other topics to cover:

Official Factions: We will be beginning the process of finalising another batch of official factions. There's a few good candidates in the pool at the moment so Apophis and I will be working towards appointing 2-3 new official factions in the coming month or so — late October, early November. Appointing new official factions is always an exciting time, so keep an eye out for more information on that in the near future. This can also be a controversial time that both pleases and upsets different people due to the competitive nature of factions. Please be respectful to others and work at it if it's something you want to achieve, too. Good sportsmanship is key! If you're a faction already striving for official, then sit tight and keep at it and make sure you follow any direction that Faction Management may give you. It may be your name up there for official status.

Support: Trumavarium has been promoted to the role of Level 4, and has been a tremendous help with our ticket support system. He will be another point of contact in the Level 4 team for requests and help, and will continue his already great work with helping out on the support side.

Faction Management: Apophis has been promoted to the role of Level 4, and will continue his work with Faction Management and Illegal Factions. His promotion to IG Lead will allow him to more autonomy and increased ability to process requests for Faction Management.

Property: I'm currently working on trying to push out a load of auction properties that have been waiting (as you may have seen in recent auctions) and will continue to do so. There are plenty of properties still to auction, including low-end, mid-range and high-end ones. Mmartin's long-term plan for property is to bring more autonomy and self-serve functions to the system as managing inactive properties and auctions is, as I've said before, an incredibly manual and time-consuming process — that extends from staff having to manually check, reserve and auction the properties and players having to manually contact a 4+ to complete the transaction. More information on that may come from the development team. I am going to be looking at finding a third new Level 4 to manage the Head of Property role as it currently vacant and it is always best to have a staff member solely focused on covering that demanding area. Property changes have been reasonably timely nonetheless.

There's a batch up right now if you're interested — mostly low-end, mid-range properties up for grabs.

Survey 2017: We are looking at making the survey a function on our UCP this time around, as opposed to using Google Forms. With a little development magic from Mmartin, this will make filling out the survey and us reading through responses more of a breeze. That should be available before the end of the year and something I want to see happen as soon as possible. It's a very open request for opinions and feedback, and anything is welcome. I know a lot of people have a lot of strong opinions on matters, and that'd be the best time to give the staff team topics to consider and discuss, and give us ideas for what to implement or change as we bring the year to a close and look at plans for the year of 2018.

Without further ado, I will move on to announce a brand new batch of testers, reinstating testers, admin team promotions, admin team reinstatements, tester-admin scheme graduation and another batch of tester-admin scheme inductees:


Congratulations to the following people who will be welcomed into our staff team for the very first time:

Badman Mike
Heroic Seahorse

And welcome back to the following testers who will be reinstating into the tester team:


Congratulations again, and I look forward to seeing you around the server and the forums! Please contact Jakey to take the next step and be welcomed into the team. He is the point of contact for the Tester Team as your Head of Testers.



Admin Level 3 -> 4 (IG Lead)


Admin Level 2 -> 3


Admin Level 1 -> 2


Congratulations to the above on their promotions. Well deserved.



I'd like to welcome back the following administrators to the team:

Killbilly — Level 1
Shack — Level 1

Congratulations and I look forward to seeing you around again.



Congratulations to the following TA members who have graduated the scheme and become Level 1 Administrators:


Congratulations to the above and I look forward to seeing you around.



The following testers will be given the opportunity to join our Tester-Admin scheme and learn the ropes of administration and perhaps become a part of our game administration team in time:

Street Boss

Congratulations to the above and good luck.


Thanks for reading,