Hey everyone,

I'll be covering a few topics, so be sure to read through the update. They can be found below in sub-headings:

LS-RP Survey 2017: We have opted to go with a Google Survey again because it's entirely anonymous (if you choose it to be). Please go through and answer the survey questions if you're interested in contributing, and this will be used to gauge the community on prevalent issues to work on and may possibly generate more focused discussion topics in either General Discussions, FM Public or wherever is appropriate. The primary idea is bringing priority suggestions and issues to the front of the queue for the staff or development team's awareness. I'll toss up a separate announcement with a link to the survey, so keep an eye out for that shortly after this staff update if you want to fill it out.

Faction Management: Large changes have been made to the leadership team and who can become involved with Faction Management. There are now opportunities for community members who are not in the staff team to get directly involved with the server's Faction management Team, and more opportunities for the Faction Management Public team. The Government Management team has also been re-established and will focus on the server's legal affairs/operations and legal factions. I encourage you to read through the two announcements (labelled Faction Management, Government Management) for more information on those topics which include the new members and plans moving forward for Faction Management and factions in general. If you're interested in helping out, then be sure to send a letter of interest to whomever appropriate.

Official Factions: We recently made El Corona 13 and The Neighborhood Network official factions, congratulations to the both of them and their leadership teams. We have plans to make an additional 3-4 factions official by the end of the year and will be trialling new official perks and ideas to stimulate both the weapon and drug trade for the server as we move forward with those new official factions. The focus is on heavily supporting factions and their enterprise, and doing what we can to facilitate their role-play on the server as Faction Management.

General Improvements: The changes to Faction Management and Government Management are going to bring about large, and beneficial changes to both illegal and legal factions, and the foundations they base themselves upon. This will have a ripple effect in terms of support and improvement for weapon trade, drug trade, legal affairs, processes and so on. The survey itself will help flag prominent issues and people's concerns in a clean and concise fashion. We are interested in bringing priority ideas/issues to the front to work on immediately.

Administration Support: Last month's batch of TA inductees will be graduating this month and we will be bringing in another batch straight away to train and assess (as below) so we can ensure administrators are more available around the clock to assist players in-game. Remember that this is a training and assessment program, and these selected individuals are not full administrators until they successfully graduate.

New Testers: We will not be bringing in any new testers this month but will look at bringing in another batch before the end of the year. If you recently applied for the staff team then do not worry, if you make it through to reserved then you are eligible to be selected at any time.


Contact: My inbox is always open for queries and comments. If you want to strike up a conversation with me about something that concerns you, or want to flag my attention to a discussion that could use input or management's opinion, feel free to reach out to me and let me know. I try to respond to every message that I receive despite the amount that I get on a day-to-day basis. Forum PM is always the best way to get in touch with me and guarantee that I see your message. Please don't rely on IRC or Discord as a means of getting in touch with me.


Without further ado, I will move on to announce admin team promotions, an admin team reinstatement, tester-admin scheme graduations and brand new tester-admin scheme inductees. Congratulations and/or welcome to the following individuals:



Admin Level 2 -> 3


Admin Level 1 -> 2


Congratulations to the above on their promotions. Well deserved.



I'd like to welcome back the following administrators to the team:

Patrick — Level 1

Congratulations and I look forward to seeing you around again.



Congratulations to the following TA members who have graduated the scheme and become Level 1 Administrators:

Street Boss

Congratulations to the above and I look forward to seeing you around.



The following testers will be given the opportunity to join our Tester-Admin scheme and learn the ropes of administration and perhaps become a part of our game administration team in time:


Congratulations to the above and good luck.


Happy Halloween,