Mmartin wrote:Hey all,

I’d like to announce that we’re officially starting a process of severing ties with our parent community FoCo Gaming and starting a journey towards being an independent community. This decision was unanimously made by the leadership and development teams in order to ensure a stable future for LS-RP.

We haven’t been able to establish contact with FoCo / Mow for roughly half a year now, as highlighted in this announcement. Since then, several of our services malfunctioned in places we had no access to, or expired completely, resulting in lasting, annoying issues. Examples of those are the forum downtime, mail server & two-factor authentication failures, loss of access points for the development team, ticket support site — the list goes on. While we found a way to get around most of these to find solutions that kind-of-work, the situation is getting progressively worse and forces us to spend an exhausting amount of time just ensuring our infrastructure holds up. This is a huge hit to our motivation and limits our ability to focus on productive and progressive development — that’s why we’ve taken a proactive stance.


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