Per community request, we will be bringing back Faction Videos. Every faction can take participation in it, it does not matter if its legal/illegal/unofficial/official factions. This is a form to promote the faction you roleplay with to rest of the community, and outsiders. If you'd like to take part of this, follow the guidelines:

Basic guidelines:
- All videos must include the following logos as intro:

- Ensure the video has a minimum length of ~1:00 and maximum length ~5:00
- All videos must be filmed recently (no recycled videos)
- One video per faction only
- If using other servers to make the video, cannot use items not accessible on our server.

Submitting your videos:
Upload the video file to and send it to Marauder with the PM subject as:
Faction Video - Faction Name

Upon submission we will take some time to review them and ensure they works and meets the requirements before uploading them into the YouTube channel. These will be distributed to other volunteer staff members during the review process. If there are any issues with the video you will be contacted.

If you have any questions you can post them here!