The White Knights Motorcycle Club was a project idea in mid 2014, and a reality a few months later. Jord Drum, otherwise known as Drumj, has taken a lot from his real life experience and put it into the faction. Of course, nothing like that comes without a great team. The faction now has members from multiple races, with characters ranging from crackheads looking for their next fix, to random civilians around Blueberry. This is the second time that White Knights have obtained official. The faction has also experienced one closure in its time, but was revived by DrumJ and the other former members of the old generation White Knights. We sat down for an interview with DrumJ to share some insight. Be sure to check out their Faction Thread!

Q: First of all, what made White Knights the faction it is today? Which events, or who, made this a better faction? Anyone that really motivated the leadership through the years?
A: Having been leading and being around MCs for almost 9 years, I liked to consider a lot of my practice has rubbed off on many people in the factions I've been in and led. Those who stuck to their word and roleplay in what they do (they know who they are) motivate a lot of people, including myself, to whom are still here today having been roleplaying with the faction for over three years now.

Q: Have you been with the faction through the whole 4 years? What do you think was the most notable moment that you truly believe made the faction what it is now?
A: I created the faction back in 2014 through fictional means with a realistic setting and have been with the faction since it started, from its first official run and into prison times. Then when it restarted outside of prison in 2015.I like to consider our notable moment being the same as our motive from starting - which was not to be greedy, and settle down in a small county town, while we still maintain that status.

Q: Who was, in your opinion, the most memorable character to ever pass through White Knights Motorcycle club? What made him/her that?
A: Joseph "Clutch" Seibert, a dementia riddle crazy psychopath fuckhead who gave us some great times, and crazy weird ones too. Clutch simply was just the craziest mind to set foot in Blueberry, it's hard to explain but the stories are true.

Q: What do you think has been the biggest privilege you've been granted as the leader of an Official Faction? Do you think that these privileges gave you an boost infront of others and helped you in any way to lead the faction to it's current era?
A: It's a great boost of motivation I think for any leader but the privileges we get feel great knowing we can give our factions what they want for example we've always been highly regarded for legal fronts and businesses which these privileges assist with, it definitely helps to get where you want whether it's cosmetics, power or just being comfortable.

Q: So many good people have passed, who do you think left the biggest mark?
A: Many people from 2014 still play on and off and visit, it's those people I consider to have left the greatest mark on the faction, I won't mention names but people will know who they are.

Q: Tell us a funny story that you encountered while leading the faction, if none, tell us just any story.
A: Once heading on a road trip, journeys, motorcycles and a lot of beer. Heading to the forest and setting up a campsite it was a usual event. A bear waddled along and instantly everyone panicked so bad, climbing on top of roofs, trees, running away for miles. The bear died once our weapons were ready, and no one was harmed. The point to the story is football though, we used its head as a football.

Article Credits: Inimene123, DrumJ; Edits: Marauder