Zetas Vieja Escuela began when Edward Laresca, also known as Fractilla, decided he wanted to create a cartel influenced organized crime group within Los Santos. Fractilla wanted to do something completely different. He started with very little knowledge, but taught himself along the way. The faction itself has gone through many rough stages, but the leadership has stuck through the hard times and continued to develop into what it is today. The faction eventually made a big enough name for itself and was named the third cartel to ever receive official status. Even after gaining official status, the faction lost two of its core leadership members. Fractilla refused to let the faction die and continued to move forward, bringing more people into the leadership team and eventually rebuilding the entire faction. We had the opportunity to ask Fractilla a few questions for insight into the faction.

Q: Being the leader of the Zetas Vieja Escuela, how has building this faction up been for you? Who has helped you on your way up?
A: Building up the faction itself has been a very enjoyable experience. It has taught me many things, including how to conduct myself and how to solve issues the most amicably way possible. It has had its rough patches, but we've overcome every single one and continue to do so whilst enjoying the game. There's been a lot of long hours spent solving issues but they're definitely worth every single second of it.

Q: The faction itself, what is it about? Where it comes from, how it developed?
A: We're a criminal organisation who specializes in providing two areas of role-play to the community. We've our organised side, which provides the roleplay of the more across the border type fully pledged cartel ordeal. It's a very good presented crew within the faction and is led by UnlawfulAct and Extreme. They've got many different areas they focus on but all in all they provide an enjoyable experience to themselves and the people around them.

The other crew is led by bamz, Ethan Araujo. This is the more of the street muscle for the faction itself and is primarily developed in Swan Lake. It's your usual gang banging set which basically is the thugs of the faction. They also are in charge of supplying, taxing and making the experience for other gangs more enjoyable by getting involved.

Q: When did you yourself come in? We know you didn't start the faction officially, who gave you the faction, what did you do to get it working like it is now?
A: I came in fifty pages into the faction. It was originally led by Vaudevillian, and I developed my way in and ended up becoming the leader alongside him. I progressed the faction, involving myself within the straw men, drug distribution and gaining a turf which was a step in the right direction. We slowly continued to build up and build up until Vaudevillian left after being demoted in order to seek leadership within a new faction. Hats off to the guy, he's a great guy. To get it progressing as much as it is now, I've had to admit mistakes and also be there for my members in the way I am. I'm more than open to anyone and I'm always up to make anybody feel comfortable and enjoy their experience within the faction.

Q: Who are the most memorable people from the history if this faction?
A: Myself, Clem Clem, Ignacio Laguna, Hunter2k, bamz, UnlawfulAct and Vaudevillian. Big shout out to Chuckles and Tirond Mellenar too.

Q: Who has helped you the most during this time as a faction leader?
A: The person who's helped me the most internally would have to be either Hunter2k or Clem Clem. Both great people. Out of the faction, however, it'd have to be Packard, our FM handler definitely.

Q: What was your biggest stone you had to step over while being in this faction?
A: Bettering myself as a person and as a leader along with admitting to myself I'm a very confrontational person in terms of wanting too solve every situation. I've definitely took advice and criticism on board and overcome many challenges within my time. I appreciate the chance I've been given by FM Council, massively.

Q: What were your first words/expressions when your faction was announced official, who contacted you about it?
A: Jayy was actually the first one to congratulate me. It was on a forum post regarding the new update of how official factions are to work, and us being the first one. I don't think I've been that happy to see us finally being chosen to become official, it was a huge achievement for me and something that everyone who personally knows me know has been a huge thing. Big thanks to Jakey and the rest of FM Council.