Hello everyone, I have some good news for you all. Recently most of the level 1 admins have been promoted to level 2 admins! We'd like to congratulate them once again for this promotion. Perhaps this will open up new spots for (reserved)testers or even level one admins? Who knows! You might just find out. The exact list of admins that got a promotion is as follows:

Decker - Joseph_Vittorini
Estone - Desmond_Lucas
Late - Rafu_Nakatomi
Marcel - Marcel_Smith
Oggy - Oggy Livington
Ryoma - Antonio_Vega

Congratulations, once again!


In other news, we've noticed that the forums have been really active! Shortly ago we've reached a new milestone of 1,000,000 total posts made on the entire forums! This is quite an achievement and it goes hand-in-hand with the 100,000+ total applications that have been made through the UCP. We can surely see LS-RP growing as we speak and with such a nice playerbase which is paired with all the work everyone is putting in... I can see this community growing for many more years to come!

This is for you, LS-RP!