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Rule Update 2019: If you weren't aware already, we were discussing potential rule updates for 2019 in the Verified Discussion forum. Based on community feedback, we discussed and addressed a number of the rules or talked about the proposed suggestions. You can find the latest post that was forwarded by the lead team (after discussion) here if you're interested in keeping track of what's changed. For example: one of the primary additions is the rule surrounding realistic robberies, based on the feedback that we received during the discussion. This was already typically enforced, but is now officially written in the rules. You should keep up-to-date with the Rule Changelog for any other changes.

Upcoming Revision: Davis has returned from his absence (January 9th to January 31st) and is starting work on the next revision again. Some additions and refinements to the company script are to be expected, which is something a lot of people have been asking about. You can also expect an update on his "Dev Blog" in the coming days. You can find the link to that development blog here if you're interested.

Faction Management: We recently opened applications for Faction Management again (from both staff and non-staff community members) and have received a high degree of interest from the community. Thank you for your applications, as always, it's nice to see the interest. They're now being reviewed by the team and Faction Management Council/Jakey will announce the results when that process is completed.

Company System: We launched the Company System about a month ago and have since received ~65 applications from players to create a new company or establish their existing company in-game. We've received applications from all sorts of businesses/companies planning to utilise this feature in their own creative way. That includes such services as: taxi companies, trucking companies, vehicle rental companies, food delivery companies, construction companies, event planning companies, security companies, used vehicle dealership companies, media companies, waste companies, private paramedic companies, memorial service companies, vehicle repair companies and more. It's great to see the creativity pooled into companies, and I hope the company system continues to support and facilitate your business role-play in-game and otherwise.

Contact: My inbox is always open for queries and comments. If you want to strike up a conversation with me about something that concerns you, or want to flag my attention to a discussion that could use input or management's opinion, feel free to reach out to me and let me know. I try to respond to every message that I receive despite the amount that I get on a day-to-day basis. Forum PM is always the best way to get in touch with me and guarantee that I see your message. Please don't rely on Discord as a means of getting in touch with me.

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