Hello LS-RP, I have some great news for all of you. Firstly, Tester applications have been re-opened, which means for all of you who wish to help out the community further, or progress in LS-RP. Then now is your chance!!.


Tips for those applying:

- Effort – This is important for your success, put plenty of effort and you will go far.
- Past work – This is not key, but will show us your capabilities
- IRC IRC IRC – This is so important, everyone should be on it. Trust me it is such a good tool
- Forums – Keep up your activity and play nice!
- Generally being helpful – This is explains itself
- Quit the troll – Trolling is not friendly so don’t do it!

There is just some friendly advice from our current LS-RP Testers.

About the Tester Team:

The Tester Team is a group of people who come together to assist LS-RP in development and support. We get to handle the /helpme’s in games through to the Applications to join LS-RP. It’s not just work! It is also fun and you make some great friends. The Tester Team can always lead onto bigger things...

So WHAT are you waiting for - Apply NOW!

NOTE: Reserved Testers, do NOT re-apply!

Well now that is out the way, this brings me onto my next point. – “Feature Lockdown”.

- Have you heard of it?
- Maybe you are wondering what it is?

Let us explain:

The new “Feature Lockdown” is basically where no new pieces of code, ideas, features and changes will be done to the script, what will be happening instead is the script being tweaked and bugs being taken out, to assist us in future development. Also to cut down on this “Lag” .

Now you are probably thinking what is the point? – Well the point is simple; throughout the Easter break we will be expecting high levels of players online at regular intervals. Therefore getting these server fixes done now rather than later will help the server cope better under these high volume times.

Anyhow Development will not completely stop, the good “3rd Party Scripter’s” will be well at work in coding new features for the server, ready for when “Feature Lockdown” is “unlocked”. This means less lag and eventually some great new features. It’s a win-win situation for LS-RP.

On other notes:

The “New” LS-RP UCP is still well at work, It's coming on nicely, though no date of release is set. Though this is still one cool feature I know many people cannot wait for, including the Admin and Tester team.

Lastly, LS-RP have yourselvs a "pat on the back" for what the server has achieved. We now regularly see real high volumes of players, doubling all the other famous servers. So WELL DONE!


So for all those Tester Candidates out there speak to you soon, for everyone else take care, be safe and enjoy the Role-play and your Easter break when it comes around!

Thanks for the support
Los Santos Roleplay