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This new section of the forums is for you all to read about LS-RP's staff and get an idea of what they are like(Also so we can prove we are human). Enjoy the new section and make a post yourself if you want. Just make sure you follow the following two rules.

* Do not post staff complaints here
* All posts in a staff profile should be positive, preferably not even game related

(Can be read here as well)

We hope that this will help you get a better view of the actual people behind the work that's being done at LS-RP. It's always exciting to know who the person helping you actually is!

About the tester reservations and the candidates: most of the testers have been reserved and the rest of the tester candidates are coming up real soon. If you also want to give it a try then don't hesitate to post your application here. Furthermore to all the candidates we wish them all GOOD LUCK!

Lastly, we are aware of the latest crashes happening with the server and the development team are doing all they can to minimize this.

A few quick tips to keep your stats saved in case the server crashes.

* Screenshot your stats with doing /servertime underneath now and again.
* At the event of a crash; post in the refund request section with evidence, do NOT /re in game or /pm testers
* Once in a while /q (quit) in game and log back in to ensure that your stats get updated.
* Lastly don't post in the bug tracker about this issue, we are aware of it.

We hope to have informed you enough of the current updates through this newspost.

Yours sincerely,
The Los Santos Roleplay Team