What's crackin', Los Santos?

So far, the feature lockdown has resulted in a seemingly complete elimination of the common "lag-spikes" and greatly improved the performance of our game server, thanks to the hard work of our lead developers. It has also allowed us developers to focus on our current code to make it as efficient as possible and resolve any reported bugs and expoits.

While the Suggestions section of our forums has been practically cleaned, there are still plenty of subjects being discussed in the testers' section, most of which are based on currently archived suggestions that You have provided for us! We hope to be able to re-open the said forum section in the near future.

And finally, once more Mow brings us with exciting news! This time it is regarding a server-upgrade that most definitely provide us with more enjoyable and smoother gameplay and prepare us for future expansions of the player-basis, currently limited to 500. But who knows what the SA-MP development team has in store for us next update?

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