Hello! Thank you all for once again reading LS-RP.com for the latest news and information on recent events concerning the server, site, and UCP. My my my has April been quite a month for LS:RP. In honor of spring a lot has been done all over for a better tomorrow of LS:RP.

krisk has and is diligently improving the script, Mow has ordered a new server to improve the playability of the server, G-Stylezz is of course getting closer to a completion of the new UCP with the help of Greenie, and with the help of many of the staff we've done a lot of spring cleaning around the forum.

From cleaning out sections to adding new ones the forum as well is moving towards a better place as well. The suggestion forum is a prime example of some of the work so far. The suggestion forum has been updated to a more comfortable feeling for both the community and the staff to handle.

In addition to it all you can now even suggest possible news articles and content for ls-rp.com. We obviously want ls-rp.com to be as awesome as possible and with the help of the community as well we will be able to succeed in that. So be prepared because the suggestion forum will be opened again sometime this week when all the current forwarded suggestions are handled.

Along with a little spring cleaning we also have brought some new staff on board of the admin and tester team. This summer for LS:RP will not be one to be missed- I can assure of that and in order to take on the workload of the summer the spring cleaning and new staff will make things a lot better for us all.

Mistress Jennifer - Deniz - Gerald - Lee_Percox

These guys and gal got admin over the past week and so far they are fitting into these roles just comfortably. The community likes em and so do I, and as long as Damian likes them what more can you ask for!?

But seriously great job to them all. All great assets to the tester team and assured to bring productivity to the admin team.

Along to the new testers. I actually had over 200 applications sent in to me during this tester drive. I'm shocked, flattered, and happy to see so many people eager and ready to embrace the work LS:RP dishes out. Hats off to everyone that applied whether you were reserved or not!

Deuce - International - Este - duzion -Grandpa
Jim_Hoover - Ernie - SirEric - Chuckles
Raleigh - E. Durnovo - Adio

Congratulations gentlemen. You will have your tester information in your personal message box of the forum shortly.

Now I will address the people that weren't reserved, to get this out of the way. You must remember that the quest to being a tester on the forum is through a voting phase between the tester and admin teams. So if there is any issues there it should be handled, addressed, and squashed before applying and re-applying.

Everyone will get their chance on LS:RP, trust me! Just keep the positive attitude and keep at it and it will all be worth it in the end. It will truly be the only way you can even feel the warmth of being something here on LS:RP- if you truely earned it.

Also to the people not invited this time around to the tester team; just a side note there is still a possibility of 12 positions open in the tester team to take on the all the work that LS:RP is building up.

So if you're wondering why you didn't get tester this time around, REALLY want in on one of those 12 positions then send me a message on IRC. I will do my best to explain to you why you didn't get in this time around and or consider you for one of the positions.

Last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST! None of this could not have been done without the players, donators, factions, faction leaders, banned people of LS:RP! Even throughout the bad times and the good times of LS:RP we have come so far and it is due to each and every single one of us all.

All the money donated and the hundreds to thousand of hours dedicated to the server is honestly breath taking for me. I deeply appreciate the enthusiasm and the love you all have for LS:RP.

Hoorah to another year and a jolly summer for LS:RP.

PS: Pete makes nice maps...