Meet The Faction — The Valenti Crime Family
By .Pluto. | SEPTEMBER 5th, 2020


The Valenti Crime Family is a historic faction that was founded by Santino_Valenti in 2008. The faction has been regarded by many as one of the greatest, if not the greatest faction of all time and carries the unique distinction of having been an official faction in three different decades and throughout many different eras of LSRP: 2008-2013, 2014, and 2018-present. Although the faction has seen plenty of IC/OOC evolution over the course of its long tenure on LSRP, many of the faction's defining traits and principles have remained the same over time.

The Valenti Crime Family offers one of the most authentic and realistic portrayals of a West Coast La Cosa Nostra presence. The faction is unique in part because of the deeply rooted characters and storylines entrenched in our role-play as well as the fact that we are not a "by the book" crime family.

The members of this faction share a character-first and realism-focused mindset which results in organic, properly paced development and in-depth, highly immersive role-play. If you are someone who prioritizes climbing the ranks over realistic role-play, this faction is not for you.

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